StarCraft 2 Beta Extended

In a surprising move, Blizzard has decided to prolong the beta period by another week before closing it down all the way up to the days ahead of release, when a final test will be held.

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xJxdOggyStYLe3063d ago

awesome enjoyin the user created maps/ ums maps..jist bnet was real bad there for a week straight with games all dropping/locking up couldnt play a 3v3/4v4 game due to so much lag but its gettin better..also..if ne one is interested or has something to trade..i have an extra starctaft 2 beta key.....get at me

Leord3063d ago

Man that is great news for everyone just getting keys now!

DeepThought3063d ago

ive been so busy, gotta get a final binge in before the thing shuts down

lothaer3063d ago

sounds like fun for those of you in the beta :D

c0de3063d ago

They SHOULD extend the beta; I mean the game is very good right now, just need to polish with balancing and such and fix some bnet 2.0 stuff. This way they get more feedback and we get to play more! Less no-sc2 time = best time!

Leord3063d ago

surely they need'nt REALLY close it?

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