Is Microsoft Out Of Touch With Its Consumers?

Project Natal is how much? $200!? Oh, it’s $50 less, well that’s much better…

I’m assuming this is what was going though Microsoft’s mind when they were pricing the upcoming motion detection accessory, Project Natal. I’m also going to assume that they can’t define “recession.”


My mistake, the price actually is a rumor and not confirmed (though I never actually said it was confirmed, I spoke in a hypothetical thought as if it were confirmed). Edge was my source for the idea that Natal will cost $150.

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Mucudadada3068d ago

Good Article, J. And before people start screaming “FANGIRL” know that this is written by someone who does not even own a PS3. She owns a 360. $150 is waaaay too much no matter how you slice it, just like $600 was waaaay too much when the PS3 launched.

logikil3068d ago

So JaeKuro, you don't at all plan on adjusting your article to remove the line that MS has announced the price of Natal? If not you definitely have some news that no one else has as of yet because to date I don't recall MS releasing any statement talking about pricing. I suspect if you know from MS themselves what the pricing is, can you also tell us whats included with the camera, because that's not out their either. And let me make it clear that I have no idea whether this price is or is not true, but for you to pawn it as if it came from MS directly is disingenuous.

vgn243068d ago

So always good to see blog staff commenting on their own articles. Who cares what she owns. Stupid article. And before you... I own a PS3, just hate reading garbage.

mookins3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Look at the cowards blatantly disagreeing with this guy's comments. Can't criticize Microsoft! It's okay to criticize Sony but Microsoft gets off free!

And TrapperDan, you didn't even read the article, did you? How is it garbage again? I guess if there was an article attacking Sony, it would be approved in a heartbeat!

niceguywii603068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Too much speculation based on speculation. You don't know if the price is real or what the bundle includes. When I read all the articles about price and only ps3 fanboys are making a mountain out of a mole hill, it brings me much joy in knowing how worried Sony and camp Are. Now go write a article about how families will have to spend over $300 on Move's extra wands and mini contollers for family member. I also don't believe the writter saying he or she only owns the 360. Fanboys are deflecting Move's lackluster tech and more expesive price with Natal.

JumpNPlayBon3068d ago

I can't wait for E3, because for some reason, even though MS has F'd us before, you seem to think they are above it. The reason there is "too much speculation based on speculation" is because MS has told us NOTHING yet they have claimed Natal is the next coming of the Lord Almighty.

Who's fault is that?

They first said it was for us hardcore gamers, then when that paper thin lie fell apart they admitted it was more for the casuals, all the while still NOT SHOWING US ANYTHING.

Again, I can't wait for E3, this site is going to be a ghost town for fanboys OF ALL KINDS. And yes, you and EVERYONE else who mentions SONY in an article about MS is a fanboy, and vice versa.


Double Toasted3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Mookins, those disagrees are probably from the FACT its a rumor concerning the price point.

Damn, MS, I didn't even know they said a price. Link please, for confirmation from MS.


Incognegro3068d ago

It probably won't be that expensive. It'll be a controller, a game and the pseye for under $100. surely a controller by itself will be cheaper than $100.

JANF3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

@ incognegro

The point is that natal is 150 but it let 4 people play out of the box. Move is 100 but if you want 4 or even 2 people playing at once with it, you'll be obligated to spend who knows how much more.

Incognegro3068d ago

Oh no doubt it's going to be more expensive than Natal if you want to incorporate more people. But if a bundle with a game, controller, and a PS Eye are all just a lil under $100, then buying 3 more controllers shouldn't run you anywhere near 400. If anything, I think it'll probably run you about $250 total under the assumption that controllers by themselves are $50.

Since both prices are speculatory, $150 for 1 peripheral when compared to a possible $250 for a camera, 4 controllers and a game doesn't sound so bad. For either parties might I add. For Natal, you have 1 expensive peripheral, but once you buy it you're done. Good deal. For the Move, you have a bundle and the option to buy 3 more controllers to go with it. It may take up more space, but so far, from what's been shown, it seems to have more practicality and precision.

On another note though, I haven't seen anything for any peripheral where they showed up to 4 people playing at the same time. I've seen maybe 2 at a time, so who's to say you'll need more than 2 controllers for move down the road anyway?

Elven63068d ago

Great journalism, $150 is only rumored....

taylork373068d ago

Opinions based on assumption are always what I want to read on N4G...

NumeroUno3068d ago

Oh don't worry, I'm sure this will hit the 1000 degree mark soon enough too...

Greywulf3068d ago ShowReplies(1)
JANF3068d ago

How much would it be if I want to buy Move with 4 controllers for my kids? anyone knows?

bjornbear3068d ago

so if you want 4'd have 4 Move's.

but ok i get it, its a clear ironical comparison to juxtapose the price of Move vs the inflated estimated price of Natal.

but, that doesn't at all have to do with anything being argued about here.

this is about MS, and the possible mess up they may have done IF natal is 149 bucks, and you bring in move, which has been clearly stated to come bundled with a PSEye and a game for less than 100 bucks.

so trying to pull a good come back about someone's speculation of a yet unofficial price using another product's unofficial price is down right retarded to the nth level...

still, to answer your question, probably as expensive or slightly cheaper than Natal ;)

JumpNPlayBon3068d ago

wow, didn't know MS had shown a Natal game that supported 4 players, oh that's right, all we've seen is milo and his red balls...

JumpNPlayBon3068d ago

wow, didn't know MS had shown us a game that supported 4 players, oh that's right, they haven't, all we've seen is milo and his red balls...

IdleLeeSiuLung3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I agree with you, because it is kind of stupid to make an article analyzing Natal based on rumors and speculation!

Besides, reality is that the $300 Wii was flying of the shelf when the economy was way worse than it is today! People were paying way over MSRP on the Wii on eBay at one point so I don't see why not a $300 Xbox 360 bundle wouldn't sell when a $300 PS3 would? Besides you can always drop the price, but not raise it!

Again it is all dependent on what MS shows at E3 and what their real pricing strategy is. I'm sure they got a plan, because we all know MS is pretty smart about their pricing scheme as evident on how they price their Xbox products. Low console cost, but high accessory cost....

So keep an open mind to all of this and let's see what happens at E3.

Moonboots3068d ago

No Mookins when you run with a rumor and then try and pass it off as fact and then cry about it for 4 paragraphs is garbage.

Just what this is and yes, the only people high fiving here are the staff from this lame web site.

I don't want to take sides in this but this is straight up ignorant slander... And I am also a PS3 owner.

JokesOnYou3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

First lets remember $150 is the rumored price, as I said before $100 would be the sweet spot, I think Natal will have huge sales at that price but $150 isn't bad considering the new tech and what Natal offers compared to the wii and if indeed the $150 is true I still see very good sales for Natal, the games will of course have alot to do with it.

wii fit balance board has been selling like crazy to casuals for $100, it has remained at the top of best seller charts since it launched, the only thing its used for is gimmicky exercise games, its not nearly as versatile as Natal which will offer a wide range of casual games, plus, if micro's smart they will launch Natal with 360's own version of gimmicky exercise games and of course Natal will be used in immersive hardcore games starting with Fable 3.= So basicly tons of folks think the *limited use of wii-fit balance board is worth $100 but yet a whole new piece of tech with means of versatile interaction with upcoming motion enabled games(Natal) is not worth $50 more than wii-fit.

lmfao, the haters will hate no matter how what the cost but I believe $150 + some interesting content is going to push some very respectable sales for 360.


HolyOrangeCows3068d ago

We know that Natal certainly isn't going to be too cheap. Even a crappy IR camera is fairly expensive.

corneliuscrust3068d ago

since the price of natal is unknown

BattleAxe3068d ago

Microsoft has lost its direction all together. Its let its business on the PC go way down hill, the Zune is a failure, all the cell phone makers are switching to Googles Android Software and Natal will not be a huge success. Microsoft is being put to shame by inovative companies like Sony, Google and Apple. MS need to concentrate more on their PC business.

Adrela3067d ago

Zune is a failure? Most of my friends have sold their Ipods for Zune's. Microsoft is a huge business, they are going to lose its touch here and there. But, right now they haven't. They are struggling so bad to lower the price, and everyone is so glued to their consoles that a rumor is dubbed fact.

mookins3067d ago

If plenty of articles are saying that Natal will be $149.00, then I'm sure its *more* than a rumor. Do you REALLY think Microsoft is going to sell Natal for less than $149.00? Their software can cost an arm, leg, and a foot if you buy it directly from their site. I wouldn't be surprised because hell, they even charge you a ripoff price for a damn harddrive!

But you guys go ahead and waste your money. :)

corneliuscrust3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

sell it at a loss? I mean it's not like that's been their strategy with both the xbox and 360 so why would they do it with natal?

Did you ever think that many sites could be reporting on the VERY SAME rumour? SHOCKER i know!!!

MS will most likely go for market penetration rather than profit since it is the software they make the most money on. The games that will be coming out for natal wont do them any good if no one owns the hardware.

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LordMarius3068d ago

The standalone price does not matter, MS is not going after people who already own a 360. They want to expand their user base by appealing to the casual market thus the real price that should matter is the one of the bundle

Alcon Caper3068d ago

Plus it has always been a marketing ploy for the 360 to start their accessories more expensive, then have "deals" and "offers" to entice the public.

-Alpha3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

That's exactly what I'm saying, Marius. MS, if natal is around $150, are aiming towards making their profits off of new audiences. They are even rumored to bundle Natal with arcades which I think is where they expect most their Natal sales. It always, always, ALWAYS comes down to the games, but whether Natal will have system sellers remains to be seen.

I can't see hardcore gamers purchasing a $150 add-on, if it is indeed $150. MS haven't confirmed or denied the rumor to my knowledge.

Mucudadada3068d ago

Ok, so are you saying that everyone who already owns a 360 just automatically does not want Natal? There are a lot of people that want it. I own a 360 and I want one and it's upsetting that it will cost me a lot more than originally projected. While it might be aimed at garnering new consumers, that does not mean that they are only trying to pull in new consumers.

Incognegro3068d ago

no, that's not what he was saying. It's that Microsoft's target audience aren't the ones that already own 360's. If they want to get Natal, despite it being high, Microsoft already knows that they're going to buy it regardless. As long as it seems to be close to a reasonable range. A lot of people with 360's have already proven the lengths that they will go to in order to enjoy their system when you factor in the overpriced peripherals and paying for Live. Don't take that as a shot, because it's not. If they were concerned about putting off their fanbase, they wouldn't have prices on things that could be free or overprice others.

Their main concern is taking a slice out of the casual market that Nintendo has garnered. Microsoft and Sony both have realized that this console generation, that their competition isn't Nintendo at all. Their true competition is each other which can be seen in how close they cut into each other's market share. Nintendo is basically in a league of it's own, which is why they have so much success with a market that usually isn't catered to. Even though they both realize they won't be able to make nearly as much money as Nintendo has from this demographic, they at least see it as a window to appeal to fans that neither of them intrigued before hand. It's just that simple. So whether 360 owners want to get Natal or not is their business, and surely there are plenty that do want it, but Microsoft aren't as concerned for them as they are for the newer market Nintendo has taken. Reason being is because they've already gotten what they wanted from the ones that already purchased 360s to begin with.

Godmars2903068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Still, the adage "Bird in the Hand, Two in the Bush" applies here. And if a $150 price tag turns off current 360 owners, as it seems to be doing, what chance is it going to have bringing in new ones? Even if its part of a $300 bundle.

Nevermind that we are talking about a company that paid $75 for timed DLC...

dizzleK3068d ago

people deny that this is ms' attempt to tap the casual market? did they not say a month or so ago that the first wave of games would be casual affairs?

they want 360 owners to buy it but their main focus is the wii audience. i'm sorry if people disagree with that blindingly obvious fact.

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Tony-A3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

♫You're out of touch. I'm out of time. But I'm out of my head when you're not around!♫

Ahh, Vice City.

PS: Damn it! By the time I was done singing, someone approved this :(

mookins3068d ago

Well, written article and I agree. I really hope Microsoft isn't trying to sell this thing for $150.00. That's a serious ripoff.

lovecipher73068d ago

dont worry we dont have to buy it. Then the price will drop and everyone will buy it.

JaeKuro3068d ago

I hate to admit it but that's what I'm going to be waiting on

Alcon Caper3068d ago

Introduce it to the public as something you may not buy because it's too expensive and then drop the price over time. Devs will become more familiar with the software and people will get used to the idea after seeing it in action.

It's not like it's $599.99...

Trroy3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

What dev is going to spend money on developing a product, for which, there are only a few consumers?

Do you think MS is footing the bill for developing all Natal games?

Cenobia3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I kind of think that the answer to both of your questions is "a bunch" and "yes."

I think the article actually mentioned the support of a bunch of third party companies, and I suspect MS is at least giving incentive to develop for Natal. It's not like they haven't done it before...

I don't particularly like the idea of Natal, or see how it could be useful in core games, but it will have developer backing.