Confirmed: Cheap XBLA Games Sell

The second quarter of the year (April/May/June) is typically the hardest time to sell Xbox Live Arcade games, according to research firm Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment (FADE). But Microsoft seems to have figured out a way around this problem by heavily promoting the older games in its library and putting them on sale. April 2010 XBLA revenue was a record $7.6 million, 11 percent higher than it was in April 2009 ($6.9 million), according to FADE. Overall sales this year have grown by seven percent to a total revenue of $33.8 million.

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Alcon Caper3067d ago

I didn't realize they pulled in that much per month. Honestly, I have seen little on Live that I would actually pay for, save Castle Crashers and Shadow Complex. I've heard good stuff about Braid and Trials HD.

Good to know people are having fun...

Hope they keep coming out with decent titles.

N4GAddict3067d ago

Good to see some of them doing well

Cajun Chicken3067d ago

The Maw and Serious Sam HD are must haves. Duke 3D is also an awesome port with some great features. Half the time on my 360 I just play XBLA games, but a majority of the XBLA games are rubbish.

-Alpha3067d ago

I've only really wanted Geometry Wars off of XBLA, but my money has to go towards paying for XBL Gold now as my trial ends in like 3 days >:(

N4GAddict3067d ago

The games would sell a lot better if we don't have to pay for XBox Live

webeblazing3067d ago

sooo is this the first time they start giving sales to their customers i thought they always did this like all the others services.

Kalowest3067d ago

A different XBL game or games goes on sell every week, sometimes even multiply DLCs for %30 to %50 off.

Trroy3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

If XBLA total revenue is like $7M per month, split amongst MS (they take 25%? 50%?) and dozens of devs, that kinda sucks -- for the devs. Sounds great for MS.

Elven63067d ago

A lot of developers get shafted even at retail, most of the profits go to the publisher anyway. I think Microsoft and Sony take 60 but Nintendo has never been public from what I can remember.

Dance3067d ago

more like common sense

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