Super Mario Galaxy 2: Inside the Reviews

Metacritic writes: "In our recent article about Nintendo’s long-running Mario game series, the 2007 Wii release Super Mario Galaxy topped our rankings of the best-reviewed games in the main series. It wasn’t just a good Mario title; the original SMG game still stands as the best-reviewed release of all time for the Wii platform — well, it did, until this week."

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Fierce Musashi3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Just may be deja vu all over again. SMG 2 just may be 2010's GoTY. It clearly has a spot in.

Still waiting on my copy.

tunaks13063d ago

the game deserves the 10s its so dam fun

Faztkiller3063d ago

May have to get a Wii now
Nintendo hurry up with new Zelda and I'm guaranteed to get a Wii

browngamer43062d ago

Hell's to the yeah! Nintendo yu ARE the greatest..plz don't stop doing what yu are doing..from me to my wife down to my kids and even my grandma..nintendo literally has something for everyone!

Faztkiller3062d ago

Agreed but they need more Zelda