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GameSpot writes: "Alpha Protocol's ambitions are commendable, and if you're a role-playing fanatic, you'll enjoy investigating its intricacies. It's unfortunate that its various ingredients are so undercooked. The flaky cover system, the mediocre production values, the fundamental blemishes gone unchecked--these elements add up quickly and drag the experience down. The elaborate storytelling and character progression are impressive. It's too bad that the gawky, glitchy gameplay can't rise to the same standard".

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dragonyght3067d ago

my expectation for this game just flush out the drain

jjesso19933067d ago

Why listen to review ? this game is great, Have ever picked game rated poorley and thought i like this I have many times and i find this one of them

crematory3067d ago

god damm it , just watch the game videos its a trash

Tony P3067d ago

It's really about what I expected, but I am no less pumped to play.

The only thing that really disappoints me is that after all the delays, the game still comes out notably buggy.

MajestieBeast3067d ago

Wow this doesnt spell any good for fallout vegas i mean same company and everything.

Elven63067d ago

They also made,

Star Wars: KOTOR II (Although LA really messed them up)
Neverwinter Nights 2 and expansions

Before that, the key team at Obsidian worked at Black Isle and made games like,

Fallout series
Baldurs Gate series
Ice Wind Dales series
Planetscape: Torment

Just because one game looks to be mediocre does not mean the studio itself is incompetent. Plus New Vegas incorporates aspects from Van Buren (what a lot of Fallout fans consider the true Fallout 3) so I'm sure it'll be great.

BakedGoods3067d ago

I agree. The review is a bit harsh too. Most other reviews commend the RPG aspects and story-line choices. It's the outdated graphics and weak AI that hurt it.

ps3best3065d ago

fallout new vegas looks solid

mrv3213067d ago

Despite the fact I'm fairly sure they'll use VATS in F: New Vegas, so the combat isn't too much of a worry.

ps3best3065d ago

fallout new vegas will be their only good game i think

VegaShinra3067d ago

This is gonna be one of those games with mixed scores all ova the place

sluttytuna3067d ago

Gamespot gives great reviews but my god it kills me! A great game like Red Dead comes out and it NEVER have the review up the day it comes out! But look a crap game and BAM review 4 days early!

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The story is too old to be commented.