Treyarch: 60 FPS is a 'critical component' of Call of Duty experience

"There are two kinds of developer in this world, boys and girls: the hairy-palmed half-men who are prepared to ship a game running at an immersion-scuppering, yawn-inducing 30 frames per second, and the steely-eyed heroes for whom nothing, nothing short of double that number will suffice.

Now guess which group Call of Duty: Black Ops designer and Treyarch studio boss Mark Lamia belongs to. That’s right."

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LordMarius3066d ago

well since the graphics look like doggy poo they have to make up for it somehow

Dance3066d ago

we talking about the same call of duty?

N4GAddict3066d ago

Black Ops looks great IMO

Al Bundy3066d ago

I think he's referring to COD 1.

theonlylolking3066d ago

That might be true but saying that on N4G will start a flame war.

dirthurts3066d ago

That be the_only_troll_king?
Just sayin...

hoops3066d ago

Funny. Both the PS3 and Xbox360 versions were sub hd for COD4. Too many console games this generation for both systems are sub hd

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N4BmpS3066d ago

There's no such thing as a game as high profile as this with graphics that look like "doggy poo". I understand if you were let down by MW2 but this game looks pretty good, great even. Don't know if I'll buy it though.

raztad3066d ago

On the PS3 COD4 looks very mediocre, the textures are horrible, the only thing okeish are the character models and some nice lightning here and there. MAG has a better texture work.

WaW looks mediocre as well, same engine I guess.

Those supposedly 60fps games run most of the time between 40-50fps.

N4BmpS3066d ago

Yeah I agree but as opposed to what games looked like in Gen 6 it still looks good(and bad), it's an oxymoron good but still good.

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tunaks13066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

this is kinda ironic,
Reflex and [email protected] on the wii ran at 30 FPS...

N4GAddict3066d ago

That's for the Wii though

Double Toasted3066d ago

Red Steel 2 runs at 60fps...thats for the Wii though.

tunaks13066d ago

i know the wii isnt as strong as the 360/PS3 but Metroid Prime 3, red steel 2 and MOH:H2 all run at 60 FPS.
Treyarch did a great job with Reflex.

Asuka3066d ago

everyone likes to talk down treyarch's COD games. I much enjoyed COD3 and WaW. WaW take on ww2 was some unique and actually felt "fresh". The multiplayer made a couple of enhancements from cod4, and the weapons overall felt balanced (except that damn MP40 lol). Nazi Zombies was obviously the biggest thing though. I would buy the map packs just for the new Nazi maps.

spawn camping in tanks < spawn killing with AC130 < tactical nuke < noobtube/oneman army/danger close < commando pro/marathon/lightweight (just my personal opinion)

Faztkiller3066d ago

60fps is great but I would be just as happy with 30fps and better graphics

iamgoatman3066d ago

I much rather 60fps over a few extra filters or blur effects.

I guess it's down to personal preference really.

Faztkiller3066d ago

Really the main thing I want is 720p and better smoke effects if they could do that and keep it 60fps that would be great

hybridtheory123066d ago

im happy with a good game and multiplayer experience than 60 FPS. *cough* BFC2 *cough*

iamgoatman3066d ago

I'm lucky enough to be able to play most games at 60fps on my PC with all the bells and whistles turned on anyway.

But if it comes down to possibly lowering the shadow quality or turning off motion blur to maintain a constant v-synced 60fps, I prefer that over slightly better image quality.

Faztkiller3066d ago

Jimmy I got a weak PC can't run much but on PC I'm the same way not sure why but PC games don't control right unless there 60fps but on console I can't fell the diff

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Doletskaya3066d ago

Just like the noob-friendly nature of the multiplayer.

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