Delicious Red Dead Redemption Content

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption’s a hit and the world knows it. So if you thought the company was about to stall on releasing DLC for what’s proving to be its biggest and most lucrative game in 2010, you’d better reconsider.
“There will definitely be more DLC packs to follow, later this summer and into the fall,” the company said in response to question posed on its site.
“Some exciting things are planned – we’ll be announcing info including release time frames and pricing on those in the coming months.”
That’s great news folks. The best Western action adventure game of all time is about to get even greater.
Yeehaw! Wait, you don’t own Red Dead Redemption? Ah shame on you

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drdre743117d ago

I just hope they don't pull a GTA and give the DLC to 360 first.

Wrathman3117d ago

i dont know if you heard, but the ps3 already got exclusive DLC with the release of red dead.

AliTheBrit193117d ago

We're talking about real DLC here Wrathman, come on nobody really cares about some outfit and another safehouse, seriously.

bjornbear3117d ago

its my fav (only found out it was the DLC outfit after =O) but thats just my taste

but...its real DLC since, i did download it, and it is in game content...

its real DLC =) just not DLC worth paying for or worth hyping.

UltraNova3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Surely MS wont miss such an opportunity to gain something exclusive from R..

Army_of_Darkness3117d ago

I just got RDR brand new still wrapped for $50... should I open it and give it a go... or try to exchange it for something I already have in mind that I actually want to get?!(dynasty warriors: gundam 2) most of you may not like it, but I loved the first one, to bad it was to short...

bjornbear3117d ago

open it up and give it a go...that go won't end for a couple of hours. you won't regret it.

ZombieAutopsy3117d ago

I hope they give us some sort of "episodes" like in GTA4 and a bunch of them.

Tapewurm3117d ago

They need to fix the Deadly Assassin Outfit Bug first.....installed it and still can't get the outfit to show up in the outfit menu with the tasks needed to unlock it. :(

DirtyLary3117d ago

Glad this was posted. I missed it the other 4 times it was submitted and passed.

Lirky3117d ago

vehicles i wonder if they are coming.

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