Remote Play – The Possibilities are endless…

You’ve all heard of remote play right? Well if not it’s a way of connecting your PSP up to your PS3 and viewing the Ps3’s XMB. From there you can play any music, video or photo content that may be stored on your PS3 HDD. Even play some games! Check your messages and friends’ list and browse the store, watch iPlayer, Browse the internet or stream some tunes from Vidzone (in the EU)

So that all sounds mighty fine and dandy but after a few hours messing around with that it can get a bit of a novelty. So, I’ve been thinking, what else can be done with the PSP (or PSP 2) in regards to remote play!

Here they are:

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PSboy3118d ago

it's a shame that this never really took off, it could have added quite a bit to the gaming experience

N4GAddict3118d ago

Yeah, it was a neat idea.

Hideo_Kojima3118d ago

should have an extra controller and allow you to play ps3 games over a wifi network.

darthv723118d ago

I have read so much about remote play and have done it myself only one over the actual internet. I can do it from within my home network, that is easy. There are some limitations on doing it through the internet especially if you dont have the right router that needs the flexibility to work right.

A great feature that has not been marketed properly but with the recent addition of RP from a PC means sony may start touting that as something even HP and dells dont offer.

Another cool remote-ish type of thing is the adhoc play but for that you need a wired network ps3 as wifi is required for direct link to psp. So many cool things these units can do.

N4GAddict3118d ago

Too bad Sony hasn't advertise the feature.

cjflora3118d ago

It's the developers. Every time Sony adds a cool new feature it seems that the devs don't feel like implementing it. Hardly anyone uses the custom soundtrack option, and I've yet to see a game utilize the screenshot ability. Sad really.

Corepred43118d ago

no, its not the devs. It's sony. They need to grab their balls and make the devs add soundtracks or whatever to the games just like they did with the trophy implementation.

nickr33118d ago

i really thought this feature was awsome but extremely under rated and not supported by sony it actualy came in handy a few times but stream rate is laggy at times thus difficult for gameplay i wish more games would support it just imagine playing cod or kz2 online with remote play that = awsomeness!

cjflora3118d ago

See my comment above. It's not Sony.

nickr33118d ago

brainstorm some more ideas!!!!!! like ill join a chat room and use remote play and that turns my pseye and psp into a servallence system of my room but useless

Cajun Chicken3118d ago

I love this feature. I have NO idea why no more has come out of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.