Treyarch unfazed by Infinity Ward troubles

If you're sick of hearing about the fuss surrounding Infinity Ward's fallout with Activision, spare a thought for the developers over at Treyarch. They've got to listen to it all too, and they have the added responsibility of making the next Call of Duty.

Infinity Ward's relationship with Activision imploded spectacularly earlier this year when the mega publisher sacked Vince Zampella and Jason West - the creators of Modern Warfare.

But studio head Mark Lamia maintains that the recent kerfuffle has had no major effect on the forthcoming Black Ops.

At Activision's showcase event this week, Lamia was asked if events at Infinity Ward has added to Treyarch's responsibilities.

"No, in short, because I think we already had that [pressure]," replied lamia. "Long before anything that's happened over there, our mindset was already at that level."

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samoon3067d ago

I'm surprised they haven't made a single remark about Infinity Ward or MW2 in any of the interviews I've seen..

It seems like they KNOW everyone likes MW2 and so are catering to them by sugarcoating the game with a cold war feeling to make it look like it's still a whole different game......

When it's not.