ShockCast Episode 16 - Natal Will Cost Too Much

Joel Taveras of DualShockers writes, "Another week, and another entertaining episode of the ShockCast we have to share with you all! This week’s show is comprised of two main topics. The first comes to us from one of our readers, who wants to know what we think about the $150 Natal price point. Whether it’s too much for a peripheral and how does it compare to the “under $100″ price point of the PS Move? For the second topic, we discuss the recent shake up at Microsoft, and what J. Allard and Robbie Bach meant to the company. We round out the show with this week in news, where the highlights are: PSP Go to come with 10 free games in the UK, Insomniac going multiplatform, keytar rumored for Rock Band 3 and Square Enix’s “Project X”. If you want to ask any questions about this show, just ask away in the comments section below and we’ll be more than happy to keep the conversation going!"

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Chadness3068d ago

"Natal Will Cost Too Much"

Depends if the $150 price point is true or not, I s'pose. ;)

iiprotocolii3068d ago

...and whether or not the games accompanying it in the future are justifiable.

Ninferno3068d ago

nice entrances, especially francois

taz80803068d ago

I think gamers will be very resistant to the $150 tag until there are proven titles for Natal. Until then there will be great skepticism.

Hitman07693068d ago

I sure hope they aren't too late on realizing this! I am really looking forward to a Halo Natal and Gears Natal otherwise I can't see myself purchasing it...

JoelT3068d ago

the price can help it compete with the 1st party support the PS Move will have.

iiprotocolii3068d ago

That's all relevant with how the peripheral launches. At it's current price-point, without seeing anything extravagant for it yet, I can say that it's not really that appealing. However, if MS announces something insane at E3 which warrants the price, I could see people eating it up.

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