GameStation turn Pawnbroker

M2G Writes:

Gamestation are starting to offer users of the store the chance to sell them their consoles and games, then buy them back at a later date.

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Majors3068d ago

You pay £400+ for a console & games Then Gamestation buys them off you for around £120 max then better still they sell you them back for £300+ WOW what a deal.

The sooner Gamestation go's bankrupt the better for us gamers. The shop is an utter joke with its pre owned prices that are higher than the rrp..

silvacrest3068d ago

i thought gamestation are owned by game? so i doubt their going down any time soon

bigrob1233068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Infamouse new 17.99!

infamouse used 19.99!

lol i agree their prices are a joke

mushroomwig3068d ago

I seriously hope people aren't stupid enough to do such a thing.

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