Video Games That Can Be Made Into Movies

Now that "Prince of Persia" has hit the big screen and "Mass Effect" is likely to be made. What other games can be made into movies?

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SupeerSteebbi3067d ago

Uncharted series? What the hell?

frogdefdaa3067d ago

uncharted is not mentioned in the list..! unless you think it should be added to the list, i don't think so.

WildArmed3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Modern warefare 2!

Because the campaign was 4 hours long.
I'm sure we can make a 2 hours movie out of it and not lose (if it's possible) any story lol

And I agree.. Uncharted and Resistance.. and Gears.. *mentions other names*

I dont think Zelda would work.. There is too much content to compact into a 2 hour movie. Not very logical.

same with Metriod... well maybe..

AC i agree with. The plot can easily be fit into a 2-3 hours movie.

Same with Halo.

Kyosuke_Sanada3067d ago

I would love to see the first and second Tenchu be made into movies by the people whove created Hero or an Animatrix-style collaboration of Armored Core.

spektical3067d ago

resistance, gears, halo, uncharted among others. legend of zelda will not work , think about it for a second.