The Moore Years

A look at the highs, the lows and the legacy.

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WaggleLOL5427d ago

He's the only guy in console history to get his ass kicked by the same console across three generations:

PS2 ---> Dreamcast
PS2 ---> Xbox
PS2 ---> Xbox 360

felidae5427d ago

i think it`s not Moore´s fault.

he has always been professional.

EA spent their money very well.

marinelife95426d ago

I just hope MS stays in the console business. We always need competition to get the best out of everyone.

Bloodmask5427d ago

One good thing he did for 360 was get it some strong Japanese connections. Like Itigaki from Tecmo,and Sakaguchi-san of Final Fantasy fame.

Good luck at EA MR Moore and thank you for the Dreamcast. A great system IMO.

Phantom_Lee5426d ago

I wonder will the new guy change anything..