Game Judgment - Modern Warfare 2 vs. Battlefield Bad Company 2

Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 are both amazing video games. Comparing them is somewhat unfair since they are actually two completely different styles of the first person shooter genre. Still, inevitably gamers will compare these two first person shooting giants.

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insomnium3063d ago

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pat_11_53063d ago

It's been fixed, my mistake I copied the wrong link over

insomnium3063d ago

I think the campaign in MW2 has to be one helluva campaign if BC2 gets a 6,5 and MW2 a 9 in that department. I enjoyed thoroughly the campaign in BC2.

The online in BC2 has to be the best ever. I thought nothing would beat the earlier MW but BC2 is so refreshing with it's teamplay. MW2 really is just the same old as MW1. the maps are way more confusing though so I don't like it. I bought back MW1. I will not play MW2 online anymore.

People really should get both of these franchises. MW is for the lone wolf action and BC2 is a mix between lone wolf and teamwork. i mean you're not forced to play teamwork but the game gives you too much points for doing that to ignore it. I found myself not caring about K/D ratio and whatnot while playing BC2 and THAT is a good thing me thinks. I have a hunger for both games (MW1 and BC2). These games do not cancel each other out.