Enslaved dev lacked belief in PS3's Heavenly Sword

Cambridge based studio Ninja Theory says it has found a new self-belief after a difficult period developing its previous title, Heavenly Sword.

In an interview with Develop, Ninja Theory creative director Tameem Antoniades said “there is a confidence about Enslaved that wasn’t there when we started Heavenly Sword.”

A PS3 exclusive title, Heavenly Sword was destined as a launch title for Sony’s powerful flagship console. According to Antoniades, it meant that Ninja Theory couldn’t avoid the typically tumultuous period that affects developers working on games for a new console release.

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TheHater3063d ago

“Unreal has excellent artists and design tools so we can start building the game from day one, which meant we can make a longer game, a bigger game and a far more complex game with a lot more variety in it,”
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ahahahahhaha hahahahahhahah^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

That said, I absolutely love Heavenly Sword

chrisnick3063d ago

i think sony should get one of the other 1st parties to pick this up and give us a might be a stretch but i would love if Sony Santa Monica or one of the primarily psp dev teams or ..hell...even give GG a swing at it, that would be epic.

boodybandit3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I would love to see Santa Monica take Heavenly Sword over!
Although I'm not a huge fan of one developer takes on anothers work? I have no doubts that it would be something special if SM took the reins of Heavenly Sword.

What would Ninja Theory say then if a company like SM did take over HS and create a significantly better title? I would love to see those interviews / articles.

Shaman3063d ago

I suppose you have never worked on UE3(you have free version for non comercial use,UDK)?

UE3 is AMAZINGLY versatile,you can build your level from stretch in like one hour,you dont have to change a code or interface or anything since it is VERY user friendly and all is practically ready out of the box.Epic gives great support and help to people who license the engine and its not expensive one.

The devs with has budget,great programmers and artists and of course time,they will build their own engine and toolset,which suite their need but for anyone wanting the game fast,efficient and looking good they will go with UE3,its actually very good engine.

Pennywise3063d ago

Shaman, UE3 is so played out. All the games are clunky(not developed by Epic)and basically have the same feel to them with shiny graphics. I just don't like the look or feel of it.

dgroundwater3063d ago

Mirror's Edge, Batman AA, Splinter Cell, R6:V...

All of these have unique graphical styles and very responsive controls. Lack of ingenuity by the licensees is not the fault of the game engine.

Ju3063d ago

^^ True that. Lately, a couple of beautiful games released on UE3. However, it doesn't push boundaries. UE3 for the PS3 still lacks advanced AA, for example. And possible will never get it.

JoySticksFTW3063d ago

Crying a$$ dude...

I don't here the other launch title debs whining half as much

I love HS but these guys get on my nerves

tinybigman3063d ago

Heavenly Sword engine for this game.

Darrius Cole3063d ago

No this generation has used UE3 and come close to Heavenly Sword. Moreover, PS3 exclusives are all-around better than the multi-plats that use the UE3.

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facelike3063d ago

We're looking for publicity, and we'll use our past game and fanboy wars to build hype for our products.

As E3 approaches, we will surly say more controversial statements that can be construed as hate toward the PS3 just to garner support. Don't worry, the game will be good and will be equal on both platforms, but we won't announce that until closer to release date.

Just listen in next week when we will say how Sony demanded us to use quicktime events yet didn't confirm the button layout on the PS3 controller.

BeaArthur3063d ago

Good thing they didn't mention that lack of belief before they released Heavenly Sword.

boodybandit3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Hypocrisy at it's best from Ninja Theory.

This screams ignorance for them to make such statements now.
Nobody had a gun to their head to release Heavenly Sword. I thought HS was a great game although it was short and lacked polish. How is that Sonys fault in any way? Last I checked Ninja Theory was the developer of Heavenly Sword, not Sony.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed HS, I have no interest in any title that spawns from a developer that so cowardly stabs the company in the back that gave them a format for their game.

Raoh3063d ago


that's a shame cause i thought heavenly sword was brilliant and i was/am hoping for a long on going series

watch heavenly sword come back strong, their game enslaved not sell well and they will be eating their words in no time

not everyone using the unreal engine has been successful. actually, outside of a few games.. i like what insomniac said, your better off spending the time to create your own engine..

WLPowell3063d ago

At least that's what I read in an old Game Informer. I personally thought Heavenly Sword's engine looked/ran better than UE3. Let's hope this game doesn't turn out to be as bad as certain people hoped to make you believe HS was.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Well it didn't run better (too much screen-tearing) but it looked much more unique. Artistically speaking all the games made with UE3 are kinda generic looking. No matter what kind of art style devs use all games made with UE3 have something that makes them look the same.

Just look at Ghostbusters, Batman and GeoW or UT. Last Remnant vs Lost Odyssey

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