Eurogamer: Alpha Protocol Review

The legendary agent whose presence looms over Alpha Protocol's Michael Thornton isn't Bauer, Bourne or Bond - although the game is eager to invite all these comparisons. It's Shepard. Obsidian has borrowed a lot from BioWare, a developer it's always had a close working relationship with, and at times Alpha Protocol can feel a little like a Mass Effect mod as much as an original game in its own right.

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UnSelf3118d ago

Hey, Alpha....Proto called. They want their game back

BYE3118d ago

Wow, a 7 from Eurogamer?

7 is Eurogamer's 10.

nycredude3118d ago

Now I know I should keep my preorder. A 7 from Eurogamer is at least an 8.5 normally.

kratos1233118d ago

keep it i now i will its a good game
the devolpers did there best with this one

despair3118d ago

i'm suprised eurogamer does ridiculously hard reviews, so this game may have promise and 7 is not a bad score, they gave alan wake a 7 i believe.

Bobby Kotex3118d ago

Well so far the game isn't getting very good reviews. I think this 7 is really a 7.

despair3118d ago

yea too many better games out there to worry about this one...really wanted this to be a great game, it had a lot of promise.

kevnb3118d ago

rough around the edges, so the scores will be low... but review scores are worthless.

Dellis3118d ago

This is game is so generic looking, concept seemed good but the bad devs and low funding really shows up.