Crash Team Racing coming to Modnation Racers

Well, it ain't official DLC. But the quality is nearly the same. The 'Create' part in Modnation Racers is amazing, and that's the reason people started to team up and re-create the old kart racing game 'Crash Team Racing'. And it looks amazing.


This link works, but it isn't translated then!

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WinterWolf3118d ago

Crash Team Racing was one my favorite Playstation 1 games. This is awesome news!!

secksi-killer3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

for me is probably the best kart game to date! if there is any game that needs to come to ps3 360 in HD, with a new engine and on-line play...then this is it! i could not tell you how many hours i played this split screen.

absolute cracker of a game. ripped off mario kart, but totally out-shone it!

please someone remake this or make a sequel!!

VersusEM3118d ago

OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG, thats a &*$%ing blast from the $$#@ing past, This is an absolute download.

Barbapapa3118d ago

i used to play all night 4 player death match with my brother and cousins way back.

Ocelot5253118d ago

me too, good times, good times...

I still play it online sometimes using epsxe emulator with netplay

PSboy3118d ago

Crash Team Racing needs a remake

thor3118d ago

Nah MNR will never be the game CTR was (and is). For some reason the mod and kart creating system in MNR is brilliant, allowing you to create whatever you want, yet the track creating system is lacklustre in terms of design and styling. I mean, you can make any shape track you want, but all objects are pre-made, and all tracks look very similar (there are only about 4 different varieties). There are also severe limitations on branching paths and crazy track layouts - even in this small example you can see that the shortcut path is not really the same as in CTR and that's just the beginning of your track-designing problems.

nycredude3118d ago

I am so sick of debbie downers on N4g. It's like a freaking epidemic!

Anyhow I just got my preorder from Go Hastings for $39.99 and it came with a sackboy and sack car dlc in the box! What negative are you going to spin outta that Thor?

ijkabob3118d ago

... Nycre. He has a very valid point...All the objects are premade and i was just thinking the other day why i loved mariocart. It was the variety. RainbowRoad. The ghosttown. The castle. Modnation has Jungle and dessert... Still interesting would just be 100000000000000000 times better if we could make our own objects.

thor3118d ago

OK sorry I am coming across negatively; I am just a HUGE fan of CTR... I am also a HUGE fan of LBP... and IMHO ModNation Racers doesn't touch CTR in terms of racing and doesn't touch LBP in terms of user-generated content.

That's not to say MNR is a bad game... in fact MNR is pretty awesome! I am definitely considering picking it up, it's just that comparisons to the KING of kart racing and the KING of user-generated content are unwarranted.

I'm sure you will enjoy your purchase and I will enjoy MNR too, so I'll see you online :)

pody3118d ago

It sounds like you have the game thor, but you don't! Please get the game before you talk it down. Then you can say whatever you like.

I loved CTR and LBP too, and i see this game as a beatiful blend between the two.

By the way, that Crash Bandicoot mod is by far the ugliest ever :D

Ven10003118d ago

it doesn't touch LBP in terms of user-generated content. The fact of the matter is, LBP has been out for almost 2 years while MNR has been out for 4 days. Let's be serious.

MNR, much like LBP, improves as time goes on. Updates giving users more abilities, tracks, ect ect.

jack_burt0n3118d ago

No way from an ease of use angle MNR is better put together than LBP1, lbp was tough to make something good took alot of effort.

MNR a kid can make an excellent track in 10 minutes.

MNR is as good as Diddy Kong and CTR its excellent.

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thor3118d ago

Good luck with recreating the perfect powersliding mechanics, excellent weapon system and battle mode. But good effort nonetheless.

Homicide3118d ago

LOL! You're funny dude.

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