Miyamoto on bringing back Kid Icarus and Mother

In an interview with GameInformer at the E3 Media & Business Summit last week, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto was pressed on the possibility of classic franchises like Earthbound / Mother and Kid Icarus being reinvented for Wii.

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Trick Nolte5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Nintendo do yourself a favor and me an even bigger one. BRING KID ICARUS BACK(For Wii, not DS)!!! this is one of my all time favorite NES games. F That, its one of my all times favorite games PERIOD! Include the musical score as well. That was one addictive tune!

Bloodmask5426d ago

was a classic. I personally can't believe there has never been a sequal. Especially during the Snes era.

I know there are old-school Nintendo fans out there who would love to see a sequal.

achira5425d ago

my first nes game and one of the best games ! would be very nice !

PS360WII5425d ago

but who's counting. Anyway Kid Icarus would be pretty darn cool... or would it? The premise of the game itself wouldn't have aged well along with the gameplay. I know inside I would love this game to come out in the now but how would it play?

Earthbound oh yea bring it on.

ChickeyCantor5425d ago

we are in 2007 now, if they make a kid icarus game it will be promising =P

sumfood4u5425d ago

Love killing thoes nasty eggplants fool's. Wierd that Kid Icarus never had a sequel, an even tho it showed him on SSBM on gamecube as a trophy only, that brought a smile on my face. Kid Icarus never had a spin~off an I'm glad they bringing him back to life in this century!

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