Be a Master Sharpshooter in Red Dead Redemption

Being a Master Survivalist is not the only requirement that you have to do to unlock the Legend of the West Outfit and obtain that 100% completion; you have to become a Master Sharpshooter as well.

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ShadyDevil3118d ago

Nice, cant wait to finally pick up this game.

MightyMark4273118d ago

It's alot of work but getting that Legend of the West outfit must be nice

Man In Black3117d ago

Is fucking badass. Definitely worth the effort. Shame you can't use it on mission replays. Marston automatically wears his default outfit, and you can't change it. Also, you can't use your current guns or horse.

ASSASSYN 36o3117d ago

No it's not. It is just like the duster outfit. Only a slight color difference. Absolutely, nothing impressive about it.

djfullshred3117d ago

This challenge wasn;t too hard. The hardest challenge I thought so far was master hunter level 8: Kill a bear with your melee knife. I got killed by many bears attempting that one.

Man In Black3117d ago

I had trouble for a different reason - the bear I hunted down tried to run away. It was annoying having to chase it down. I came close with the one before it, but some fucking wolves came out of nowhere and stole the kill.

BYE3117d ago

I'm still trying the hunter challenges.

Cougars used to attack me from behind all the time, now that I need to stab them for the challenge they are nowhere to be found in the whole game ^^

foss33117d ago

animals don't seem to respawn like the cars in GTA really (where you could just spin around and cars would spawn.

if you don't find any animals you're looking for go somewhere else and come back. also try at a different time of day.

finally it may be coincidence but i find cougars appear after you've killed other game.

Spydiggity3117d ago

by the picture of the boar on the map. take some bait up, and start killin. they'll come. i find that they tend to be most common late in the day, but not at night.

iceman063117d ago

Plus, you need to have some dead animals around. It seems as though they appear mostly after you have killed a significant amount of boar, or wolves, or deer. Definitely can find cougars either in Rio Bravo area or Hennigan's Stead...although I find it easier in Hennigan's Stead because Rio Bravo has too many tall bushes and trees for them to hide and sneak up on you from behind.

ZBlacktt3117d ago

Just one of the MANY tasks this game has in it. So much win for the money. You'll be busy for a long time and in a game this good. Just loving it.

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The story is too old to be commented.