Game Developers Have a Love Affair With Weird Collectibles writes: "I just beat Alan Wake, Remedy and Microsoft’s psychological horror thriller, and while it’s a great game one thing baffled me – well, beside the entire plot. Throughout the game are scattered 100 coffee thermoses..."

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Denethor_II3069d ago

This game became very old very fast. Ironic really as it took soooooo long to make:)

XxMajeSteRxX3069d ago

what are you talking about ? this game is awesome! have you even played it, the game finshed with a twist ending..there's stil a free DLC coming plus more contend on the way

Greywulf3069d ago ShowReplies(3)
poopface13069d ago

looks like the haters who dont have 360 are out in force.