Why Microsoft Should 'Win' E3, but Probably Won't

Why Microsoft could easily win E3, but probably won't due to their focus on putting on a show rather than focusing on games.

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GWAVE3118d ago

Microsoft SHOULD win? They've "won" the past four E3 conferences due to their overplaying of every little thing they show, even though - in my opinion - they haven't truly won for the past two or three years.

Microsoft SHOULD win if they actually show off exclusive games, not a Cirque de Solei publicity stunt with Natal and a bunch of exclusive DLC and multiplatform announcements.

Pennywise3118d ago

You think they have won? With what? I think Sony has won the past few E3's.

The FF announcement was big at the time, but not enough to steal the show for me... Especially after seeing the final product.

TheHater3118d ago

proclaiming that MS won E3 each year since the xbox 360 launch.

Godmars2903118d ago

In that they had more pomp than substance, with the industry talking about them long after.

But if you think about, that they didn't actually have anything solid, that's why the 360 is losing momentum: MS doesn't even have promises to deliver on. Meanwhile Sony's "underplayed" and often leaked presentations have been delivering.

MadMan003118d ago

FF really did it bro...It has nothing to do with how good or bad the game was...doesn't matter if it sold 15m copies the first week, it's the fact that it went Multi-Plat

I don't think Sony has won for like 4 or 5 years IMO I actually WANT them to win. I haven't seen to many games that got my interest for PS3 only but I have seen a lot of 360 games I liked and played but only a few PS3 games.

Though this is my Opinion of course. =)

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WLPowell3118d ago

aaaaaand you're done talking...

HolyOrangeCows3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Ugh. PS3center and planetxbox360 need to stick to talking about their own platforms.

I do agree, however, that Microsoft is more concerned about flash, and that's not what an informed gamer such as myself is looking for.

exnihilonihilfit3118d ago

Microsoft was declared the winner of these press conferences by the media because members of the media actually had the opportunity to go to the press conferences and get wowed by the ridiculous spectacle that MS puts on.

Sony is declared the winner by the masses because we didn't get bamboozled by the showy MS conferences, we just got to see what the announcements were. Since Sony actually announces new exclusive games, while Microsoft just parades celebrities and doodads on stage and announces some DLC or a stolen franchise, to any gamer, the Sony conference comes off as more informative and useful.

Truth though, if you ever watch the conferences on video, the Sony conferences can be kind of boring, they really don't have the best strategy for making presentations. I wish they would hire me to run their presentations, with a quarter of the money MS spends on their conferences, I'd give Sony a presentation that would set a new bar for the Big 3's E3 conferences.

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Tommykrem3118d ago

I don't think anyone will agree that Microsoft won the horrible, horrible 2008 E3. In a way no one did, but Sony at least announced MAG and GoW3.
Last E3 was completely overkill by MS, but then (just like this year) they didn't have a lot of plans pre-E3

RedDevils3118d ago

did you rehearse of what you just say, can you please tell me what did Microsoft kill Sony with, the beatle band :P

BattleAxe3118d ago

You gotta love that picture of Kaz throwing up Gang Signs.

Denethor_II3118d ago

They opened with a long drawn multi-plat game, The Beatles Rockband. C'MON!

sikbeta3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

These "articles" are getting pretty ridiculous,

Why a [Console] Should (?) "WIN" (?!) E3, but Probably (!!) Won't (?!!!!)


I know they are talking about MS always making "shows" with Celebs and such and now the Cirque de Soleil (Circus of the Sun, but in French Sounds more "WOW") just to "distract" and "impress" with the Show itself, rather than the Games that are Shown in the Conference, but Come on, they should win With Games, not with a Circus, no need an "article" for that...

vegnadragon3118d ago

They would probably win, but all their material is leaked before every conference.

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Minokichi3118d ago

now now come on lets give them a chance they got to have something i mean what are they doing over at Microsoft knitting sweaters LOL

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yoghurt3118d ago

I agree with this, msft just want to shout the loudest and put on a show so the media can all be impressed. Sony are letting their games do the talking, on a roll already with LBP2 and KZ3 and we haven't even had E3 yet. add to that a GT5 blowout and release date, infamous 2, kz3 footage and we are on a winner

Hallmark Moment3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Sounds like paranoid speculation that Microsoft will only be focused on Natal. just because they're doing it big with Natal's world premier doesn't mean they will not be focused on games. This is why there are two main events the Natal world premier and the 360 press conference.

Looks like PS3center is already trying to establish the damage control talking points ahead of time.

Tony-A3118d ago

"Looks like PS3center is already trying to establish the damage control talking points ahead of time."

You would know, dude. You get on that DC Wagon everytime a pro-PS3 article comes around...

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astar1234567893118d ago

why are people in love with M$ i just don't get it, any other company that had there problems with the red ring of death would have dead. ( 3 xbox later so i want them to fail at everything) so come on a disagree with me it's cool...:-)

go sony kick butt

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lowcarb3118d ago

"why are people in love with M$ i just don't get it"

Why are people in love with Sony is what i don't get. You guys are way to simple and can stick to that hardware full of empty promises.

Corepred43118d ago

empty promises? you mean like the promise of tons of games. seems like they are coming through on that part. feel bad for you who have to wait 6 months or more for something to put in your xbox other than halo, gears or some other disappointment of a game. what empty promises do you get? oh that they'll fix your box WHEN it breaks, lol. come on man.

iamgoatman3118d ago

Why anyone is in love with either company I don't get. They don't give a shit about anybody.

NeoBasch3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Wow, you couldn't be more wrong. My brother's 360 failed within the first year. Before Gears of War even released. They didn't have a three year warranty then. Now imagine how he felt about buying another console when they said they wouldn't be able to repair it because it was TECHNICALLY Error 71. The next 360 he got red ringed within the first week. Of course there was a gap between the two because he had to save up money for it. This time, he was smart and bought a warranty through Best Buy, thereby allowing him to pick up a third for free. Microsoft had nothing to do with it. Go take your blasphemy elsewhere. I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday. Thankfully, his latest hasn't broken down since, but I'm worried because it's not a Jasper model. Mine is.

Karum3118d ago

6 360's?

the first time mine dies to RROD will be the last because it'll be fixed under warranty then sold.

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Convas3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

There never has been and there never will be. This "Victory at E3" speculation is simply the ramblings of Fanboys in the Media and on Gaming Sites like this one.

Now, what Microsoft can do to have a good SHOWING this year is go all out on the Exclusives and give us substance instead of flash.

If they can do that, they could then walk away and say that they've accomplished something at E3.

Karum3118d ago

Personally I don't think of it as winning. I just watch to see who presents more things that interest me.

What I look for primarily is games and after that any value that can be added to the machine such as services...the likes of VidZone or Sky Player etc.

Last year Sony showed more games that interested me. As for services I don't remember any Sony ones but MS introduced like facebook, twitter and right? Whilst those are really nice apps they didn't really appeal to me because those things for me are just sooo much easier and much more accessible on my laptop.

I'm a Gold subscriber and I have access to Sky Player aswell but I am a Sky subscriber with their HD box so the sky player on the 360 is useless to me (obviously not to everyone, it is great for many people just not me).

Only thing MS showed last year that interested me was Alan Wake. Natal didn't bother me much and neither did the 2 very confused looking former Beatles that came on stage.

This year though, the possibilities for the likes of Natal and Move both interest me so all I really want are some great game announcements, more info on already announced games that interest me (Killzone 3 and Gears 3 in particular) and whatever MS have in store for LIVE and hopefully some announcements on the Premium PSN whatever it may be.