Sony: Move is not Wii on PS3

Anyone who thinks PlayStation move is simply Wii on PS3 has got it wrong – that’s the message Sony wants to put out ahead of its more detailed reveal of Move at E3 next month.

“It’s inevitable that people would say this is Wii on PS3,” UK PR boss David Wilson told MCV. “But we see it as a complimentary product. It’s a different proposition.

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unrealgamer583067d ago

As long as sony b!tch slaps ubisoft before they put shovelware on It, Then It Isn't

deadreckoning6663067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Would it be so bad if the Move was simply a Wii on PS3? Last time I heard the Wii was kicking PS3 and 360s ass in worldwide sales.

"Higher sales does not translate to better tech"

I agree wholeheartedly. I'm simply looking at this from a business perspective since I'm not interested in motion controlled gaming.

Microsoft Xbox 3603067d ago

Higher sales does not translate to better tech. I rather have tech that fits my high standards than a [email protected] motion control setup catered for mass adoption and casuals.

danielle0073067d ago

As long as you're a casual gamer. The Wii is lacking quality games, because their motion controls make it so easy for "developers" out there to cash in and make cheap party games that are trash. The quality games on the Wii are few and far between.

Just because the bajillion casual gamers out there are stupid and will buy anything that's the new fad, it doesn't make it right.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I think it's good that there are a lot of people out there playing games that would have never touched them before.. but at what cost? I mean, I guess what I'm trying to get at is that the PS3 needs to really show that Move is not going to be just cheap cash-ins in order to differentiate itself from the Wii.

Montrealien3067d ago

Move is Wii on PS3, just better.

vhero3067d ago

Move is more than wii on PS3 much more for starters its HD and it has more controls.

cryymoar3067d ago

somehow infared is the same as gyrometrics and accelerometers.

36T3067d ago Show
RedDevils3067d ago

I thought you and vhero are the same, except you're an oxymoron where he is vice versa to you lol. typical fanboy trying to beat one and another it just getting really sad

secksi-killer3067d ago

"somehow infared is the same as gyrometrics and accelerometers"

devs dont give a toss, and when all the shovelware turns up, you will see!

move and natal can both disappear for all i care. i have a wii which i dont use, and have no intention of buying move for ps3 or natal for my 360.

am i the only person that doesnt have spasms of extacy at the thought of either??

the wii is enough, sony and microsoft are just jumping on the bandwagon.

@vhero and again devs aint going to care if it's HD...they will just make the next horse-shoe throwing game in HD.. I.E: still total crap, but just in HD.

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DERKADER3067d ago

Motion controls = Gimmick.

Hasn't the Wii taught us anything. Waggle and rail shooters hurray for advancements in technology.

Lombax3067d ago

Metroid says, " F you!"

Colonel-Killzone3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Actually idc what it is release good games i'll be happy.

000000000000000000013067d ago

It sure looks like a Wii controller to me. I'd like to know who your trying to kid, it does the same things. Even if it does it a little better it's still just the same thing.

n4gno3066d ago

"a little better"

fanboy trying to downplay the best motion controler (for gamers) ? ;) ...if the wii was successfull, why not doing a better controler, with camera (hello natal), wireless !!!, usable for real games.

everyone who like to play game, should be interested, like we were with wii (before everyone try it : casual toy, like eye toy)

BeaArthur3067d ago

I'll believe that when I see it. I think it's going to be very similar. It will probably have the same crappy shovel ware (with better controls) and it will also be used in some AAA releases.

Inside_out3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

" Our Move controller is might look the same...have the same controls but we have different games like...sports, you point at the screen and you wiggle, it's question..."

Sony is it true you plan to implement a $10 a month fee for PSN..." can't confirm or deny those "...

Sony, is it true you need a 3D TV to play 3D games..." press conference comment..".....

UP3067d ago

once again your comments are both rediculous and retarded. Of course you need a 3Dtv to play 3D games, you do not need sony to tell you that.

travelguy2k3067d ago

do you need an HDTV to enjoy HD games?

Sony is advancing gaming to incorporate and push new technology. (ie. blue ray and 3d) who else do you see pushing the bounderies? Not nintendo, and the 360 was not realeased with an HDMI output.

Sony is pushing gaming forward, the 360 is relying on old x86 programing and technology, granted it made it easy to program for out of the box which was a benefit to them.

cobraagent3067d ago

Not yet tired of trolling? There should be a trolling marathon for you guys. I mean, you should be awarded for your efforts of annoying the gaming community

HolyOrangeCows3067d ago

Look at all of the xbox fanboys in here. Aren't these the same guys who always complain about ps3 fanboys in Natal articles?

n4gno3066d ago

desperate fanboy, who can accept that kind of facts :

- bluray win
- best games/graphics are for ps3
- sony tech : 3D, eye toy, move, etc (ms buy israelian eye toy, sony invent)
- 31% market share.

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