GameTrailers: E3 Game Awards (Part-02)

Yesterday's openly salvo of's "E3 Business & Media Summit Awards" offered up nominations and winners across various categories, such as Best Racer, Best Action Adventure, Best PSP Game, and Best DS Game. And, to be honest, the winners and loses didn't really throw up many surprises.

However, today's second round of E3 Awards coverage may well stoke the fires of fervent fanboy fanaticism. And why?

Oh, because the Best First-Person Shooter category does not include nominations for Halo 3 and Killzone 2, because Sony comes under fire on various fronts in terms of Most Disappointing, and neither Mass Effect nor Assassin's Creed is given a nomination nod for Best Graphics – while a revamped PC port of Gears of War certainly is.

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vertigun5422d ago

Fock all the fanboys. shut the fock up. stupid fockers
(sorry for the foul language)

MK_Red5422d ago

Of all awards, the ones that I really liked and agree with GameTrailers are Racing (Burnout Paradise) & Action/Adventure (Assassin's Creed).