OmniMotion claims to beat Project Natal to the punch - controller free gaming for all

OmniMotion, an independent casual and social games outfit are claiming to have beaten MS to the punch and bring controller free, accurate 3D gaming to all. All you need is a webcam for your PC or Mac and you can sample some of their games which promise to be dictated entirely by the moves made by you. It's online and their first game ZenBall is described as a multi-level physical puzzle and promises to be great fun.

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ingiomar3066d ago

hahahahah they are trying to compete with natal? on the pc?Browser games? zenball? wtf?

how pathetic even tough they claim its better then natal.. they don't have GAMES and its not on a CONSOLE.

This is sure to FAIL

Imperator3065d ago

Well, Natal hasn't shown much either. Other than that Red ball hitting game, MS has shown nothing remotely useful in real games.

-Alpha3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

These products for the PC have always been there. There's one against Move too: Notice the video description saying it will be compatible with consoles this year.

And Imperator, come on, I get MS has only shown demos but where's the good faith that they wont let their product willingly fail? It's as if people are thinking MS not showing anything means they will fail. Just because they don't reveal all doesn't mean they have nothing to show. If E3 doesn't reveal anything then I'd definitely be worried but MS has always been more silent than Sony.

Of course I think the real problem is getting support for the products which is why Natal and Move will be more successful, despite the technology/product existing in essence beforehand.

It's tough to sell motion control I assume if you aren't a big company. Natal to my knowledge wasn't even made by Microsoft as it was created by an outside group who came to Sony first, then Microsoft last who accepted the product. I can do some research if anyone likes :)

Xpandemic3065d ago Show
Imperator3065d ago


I agree with what you're saying and I'm not implying that Natal will fail. I'm pretty sure MS will show a lot more during E3. My point was simply that, at this point in time, MS has yet to show anything too impressive. They've stuck with showing the same game for over a year.

Bigpappy3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

3DV is the company M$ bought. They are the company who presented the 3D-Zcam to Sony and Nintendo who both rejected the offer because of the price point 3DV was trying to sell them the camera. Many PS3 fans saw the footage and believe it was Eyetoy.

Natal is not the same camera that was made by 3DV. The camera is custom made by M$ and is base on the Primesense camera design. Primesense seem to of had a more responsive camera and was a bit further along than 3DV. M$ is also using their own software. Primesense 3D processor is being used in Natal, I am unsure what they are using from 3DV other than imploying some of the staff from 3DV.
Hope this was helpful.

No problem Alpha:

-Alpha3065d ago

Thank you BigPappy. Where'd you get the info, that was helpful, much appreciated and +bubbles.


I definitely agree with you on that. But ever since MS's E3 last year people have been acting as if EVERY E3 MS had was bad. It's not as if MS's E3 was all bad last year, they had games and all, but the focus was on Natal and some of the stuff around Natal was definitely silly. But I don't understand why people are expecting a bad E3 for MS this year. They definitely have to step forward with the games for Natal and I don't doubt we'll see that. Sony has been more aggressive and it's great to see and with all the spotlight on Sony people are thinking MS is scared for some reason but that's just how MS has been: more quiet.

Bigpappy3065d ago

I try to stick to the facts as much as I can.

Anon19743065d ago

While I'm sure Natal is a little more advanced, there have been webcam games available on the PC for over a decade now.

I remember when I was working at RadioShack back in about '97, the HP computers we sold were shipping with webcams that came with a game where you used your body to, guess what? To hit a big red ball up in breakout fashion to break bricks at the top of the screen.

It was fun to demo to this the customers but it was never anything more than a novelty, much like the EyeToy games have been up to this point.

That's the thing. This type of tech has been around for quite some time. Why is it that the media is making it seem like it's fresh and new? It's not. It didn't catch on before, what makes MS think it's suddenly going to catch on now.

It's just like downloads vs DVD. There have been Video On Demand services for over a decade as well and they haven't made a dent in the DVD market. People like to own hard copies of their media, and the freedom that comes with it. Again, what makes people think it's suddenly going to catch on now?

Qui-Gon Jim3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Microsoft may have bought 3DV in order to have control of their patents. It is known that Sony was working with 3DV over 5 years ago - Sony even had the z-cam working on PS2 hardware (link to source posted below) - so Microsoft may have bought the company to eliminate the possibility of Sony, or anyone else, releasing a product similar to Natal.

The title of this video is inaccurate, though. It is not the PrimeSense hardware, which is what became Natal, it is the z-cam from 3DV.

Qui-Gon Jim3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Alpha-Male 22, you posted that link about Sixense and pointed out that it mentions that it is coming to consoles this year. I was thinking about that, and came up with a HUGE potential E3 announcment. I tried to figure out which console could be interested in this since all three already have motion control systems announced.

Sixense does essentially exactly what Move does, so Sony wouldn't be interested. I could see Nintendo using this, but probably not until their next console, which certainly will not be releasing this year. That leaves Microsoft. Natal works great for certain things, but has its limitations. Limitations that would be eliminated by adding a system like this to it.

Just imagine a system that has the strengths of both Move and Natal (i have long thought that such a system would be the ideal), working around the weaknesses of each by using the other's strengths. The Sixense tech could be used for games like Gears of War 3, while Natal could be used for other things. They could even be completely separate accessories, with Natal working out as people are predicting, and the Sixense tech working out like Move.

I fully expect that by the time the next gen comes, all of the "big 3" will have their own answers to Natal (I can imagine an echolocation system that does the same thing) and Move (Sixense).

Edit: I looked and was unable to find anything on the Sixense website corroborating that it will be coming to consoles, and I don't know if the person who posted that youtube video has any connection to Sixense, so we'll have to see. It might not mean what i think, but if it does it would be kept under wraps, too.

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whateva3065d ago

because I was trying this out and my lil cousins came in and they started playing the swimming game and they love it and it gave me a good workout.

kids also love the Eyetoy but if natal can get this in the hands of more people it's going to be a hit with the kids for sure.

Dr-ZOOM3065d ago

You sure need more workout :D

MNicholas3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

At least these guys have the confidence in their product to let anyone try it out. What's more, they're doing it with web-based games. That's much harder to do.

Having said that, neither Natal nor this product are anything new. It's just remarketing/repackaging of technology that's been around for a very long time.

Neither is particularly precise:

Vip3r3065d ago

Well seen your opinion is backed up with that one bubble of yours.

JokesOnYou3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

"This idea has been around for over a decade."

-yeah, just like Pong came before Mario, Atari before Playstation, Killswitch before Gears of War. In fact I can't think of a single thing made this gen that is totally original= all these are just examples of ADVANCEMENT by taking something that worked well and making it alot better.

As for the Natal vs Eyetoy, the whole well "this has been done before" arguement doesn't really hold water. Micro is the first to actually push the tech for console gaming, the eyetoy has been around for awhile but sony never pushed for development of decent games beyond a few mini-games much like micro never did anything with its Live vision camera beyond stuff like "Totem Ball" and the Uno card game, etc....therefore its hardly at knock on micro/Natal when folks scream "this tech" has been around for years, sure the "idea" and of course lesser variations of the tech have been around for awhile but NOBODY UNTIL MICRO HAS ACTUALLY MADE A SIGNIFICANT INVESTMENT TO BRING FULL BODY MOTION CONTROL GAMING TO CONSOLES. I mean many basicly many of the sonyfans logic seems to be just because an idea or rudimentary product that hit the market already and hasn't taken off, then therefore micro is waisting their time making a similiar product even if its much better tech that will be supported with a significant level of content.

lol, the this whole arguement is like saying the Wright Brothers shouldn't get credit or being known as the innovators for their contributions to fixed wing aviation just because some guy made a very basic fixed wing airplane in his garage that flew for 5 seconds, crashed and burned so he gave up and never advanced beyond that, although there will always be some debate about who was first to fly a powered plane the credit for who put their time, money, resources to make it successful is clear. There has been motion devices before Eyetoy, just like Natal isn't the first but Natal is a evolution of what Eyetoy was and the biggest difference is micro has huge plans, tons of dev support, and the resources to bring significant content to Natal, unlike sony who never even attempted this strategy with the Eyetoy.


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outrageous3065d ago

Natal is very different. The examples they showed are typical Wii type mini- games. Natal will have app's like that as well as all the voice and facial reconizing stuff.

fr0sty3065d ago

any camera with a microphone can do both voice and facial recognition. nothing natal has makes it any better at doing so than a standard webcam. pseye already does it as well.

Gamealot3065d ago

didn't the EYETOY beat everyone to the punch for controller free gaming?

crapgamer3065d ago

Didn't the Wii beat the Move to the punch? or am I missing something?
The Eyetoy was something rudimentary at best, with no recognition and no voice commands, it couldn't navigate media or anything like Natal can do.
There were NO games on Eye Toy other then minigames, Natal out of the game will have Fable 3, Ghost Recon, Metal Gear etc.. So stop with the comparisons unless hypocrisy has no bearing for PS3 fans.

Afreelunch3065d ago

he said "controller free gaming" dude. Eyetoy was also supported by more than just minigames. Lighten up.

Meryl3065d ago

nowhere have i seen confirmation for natal in any of the games you just mentioned, also if they do implement it, expect simple tasks to be supported with natal, enjoy being gimped because $140 for basically an advanced eyetoy is just a rip off

Cevapi883065d ago

funny how you attack one piece of software because they are similar in the sense that they are motion controllers and then defend another because it is similar to what the eyetoy is able to accomplish...

you FAIL on so many levels

pkb793065d ago

A 'full' game for EyeToy. It tracked full body movement that was reflected in your onscreen avatar. Not sure if you could see the bottom of the avatars feet though.

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corneliuscrust3065d ago

WEBCAMS beat eyetoy to the punch for controller free gaming?

Cams and motion sensing software have been around for a looooooooooooooooong time.

Gamealot3065d ago

idk, could you please provide some proof about that? oh and make sure it involves "gaming"

electricgta3065d ago

gettin pissed because somebody made something like it and they didnt even claim for it to be better then natal what i got from your statement is that you actually got angry just then haha anyway natal copied eyetoy

Xpandemic3065d ago

and Move copied Wiimote

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