8.0 UFC 2010 Undisputed Review "UFC 2010 Undisputed is still a very solid game, make no mistake about it. However, not all of the additions work that well. The Career Mode still needs a lot of work to stop monotony and other aspects, like the new commentary system, just don't seem properly tested. This aside, the core gameplay is still very engrossing and visceral, and the online aspect of the game retains its addictive nature. The extra combat additions do add a new layer of depth, but while its still a great game, it doesn't really feel like enough has been done to warrant a release only a year after the original."

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Hardedge3117d ago

I have yet to actually try any of the UFC games..

Sanrin3117d ago

Same here...I have a hard time understanding the fad.

mephman3117d ago

I didn't really care that much before playing UFC 2009, but it kinda drew me into the whole thing - the game did a good job in that respect.

Selyah3117d ago

I liked 2009 when i played it round a mates, enjoyed it might have to get on board this time.