We Don’t Want To Hear “S*** Or F***” [In Killzone] Ever Again!” Says Guerrilla. Devs Take Note

Can anyone remember how Killzone 2 was littered with unnecessary cussing? Sure you can, it was THE one reason I threw the game under the bus. When you have a home with kids and other family members who are already not into gaming, it becomes even worst when they’re walking around in the house having to bare the vulgarity coming from your game.

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SpaceSquirrel3090d ago

That's good to hear. The swearing was a little excessive in Killzone 2.

wxer3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

they said in an interview that they'll tone it down
it mean you'll hear that but not as much as before

Hideo_Kojima3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I don't mind hearing it but it is a bit annoying when Garza goes...

shiiiiiiiiiit that was fucking awesome

every time you get a headshot.

Edit: They could really fix Rico's story and make him loved again by simply giving us a sad back story of his family being killed by Helghast or something.

No one will hate him for what he did in Killzone 2 if he had a personal reason to act the way he did.

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Karooo3090d ago

Show me this gameplay video you speak of?

Venatus-Deus3090d ago

Confirmed - Ernice Gilbert plays 18+ games in front of his kids and complains when the content is unsuitable.

Kleptic3090d ago

yeah seriously...I can't stand it when people do this...don't play it front of your kids then...

killzone 2 had no were near the vulgarity of something like GTAIV...and what this guy deems unnecessary...the rest of the world would just call...'war'...I'l l give it that the game didn't have the best delivery, Rico was a total douche so anything GG does to shut his mouth as often as possible is fine with me...but why its unacceptable to people like this for some games to have vulgarity...and others its ok...even though both have the EXACT same beyond me...

its people like this that make video game ratings so pointless...he'd better hold suit then...I hope he watches saving private ryan in front of the same kids, then writes spielberg complaining about the violence and language, and that his family can't handle it...

CadDad3090d ago

Well, anyone that has kids know that they sneak out to watch any game any chance they get, especially if the kids are into video games.

Even my daughter (12) who isn't really into video games, will sit and watch whatever I'm playing just to watch. Kids do these things, so the guy has a point, even if he wrote it to sound like what you're saying.

I'm not defending the guy, hell I try my damnedest to keep my kids from seeing mature content, but I can't lie and say it doesn't ever happen. They get bombarded with mature content these days. Ever watch the news when your kids are around, or even prime time TV? Scary stuff, much worse than a video game imo.

The problem here is that video games nowadays rely on shock and awe over the top tactics to make you want to play them, kind of like big explosions in summer blockbusters. As a seasoned gamer, I'd rather have a fun T rated game, than a mediocre risque game with shock and awe tactics.


RAZORLAND3090d ago

hearing that Rico guy swear every other word was really grating. and I love profanity.

Davoh3090d ago

Rico swearing was hilarious, every so often you just hear him and then you just shoot him, stab him and all is well =)

RAZORLAND3090d ago

yeah, I found myself stooting at him too.

Kleptic3090d ago

Rico sucks...and I am very depressed that he is in killzone 3, even though it was obvious he would be...hopefully he has the most punishing and degrading death of all time in killzone 3...Visari's zombie corpse comes after him and chews his elbow for hours or something would be perfect imo...

BulletToothtony3090d ago

if you played killzone 1 before.. to all others who jumped in in Killzone 2 they hate hate him..

go play part 1 before you guys wish to take him out...

UnwanteDreamz3090d ago

What the f*ck? So now you guys are a bunch of fu**ing moralists. This is fu**ing stupid. So they curse alot in KZ2 who gives a F*ck? I think these guys were supposed to be f*cking soldiers not a bunch of panty waisted p*ssies speaking eloquantly. If you were bothered by it then you are either a woman or a little b*tch.

UnSelf3090d ago

you havent met my wife...

(comedic drum rhythm)

vickers5003090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

It's not a moral issue, it's an issue of sheer annoyance and over use. Cursing should only be used in the right context.

Good example: they f*cking shot me! or I'm f*cking dying, or even (and there should be only a maximum use of twice on this next one) F*ck you!

Bad example: Get the f*cking f*ck over to the f*cking extraction point so we can f*cking leave this f*cking sh*tty planet right the f*ck now. I have to f*cking take a f*cking big a$$ f*cking sh*t. God f*cking d*mnit, they just f*cking spotted my a$$, which is in desperate f*cking need of taking a god d*mned mother f*cking sh*t. F*ck.

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BannedForNineYears3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

My sackboy is better than your sackboy. >:[

BattleAxe3090d ago

F*** that, I want swearing!

NYPunk883090d ago

Get a headset....problem over.

Heisenberg3090d ago

"You can watch daddy brutally kill as long as you want but you'll have to watch it on mute, cause cussing is just downright morally wrong..."

Buddy, don't play a game involving graphic murderous (although badåss) violence and complain about foul language. It's a game for adults, should we all miss out cause you play age inappropriate games in front of your children?

Personally, I'm disappointed they're getting rid of the swearing completely, it's a war zone, it's unrealistic to have no swearing. Reduce the amount, fine, but I'm tired of these twisted people that have no problem with the graphic gratuitous violence, but get their panties in a bunch about cussing or nudity.

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movements3090d ago

It was indeed. Totally uncalled for. But let's not forget, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Do you know in the first game they gave you an option to play without the excessive swearing? Yes they did but for some unknown reason, they took it off for the second.


sam22363090d ago

"Do you know in the first game they gave you an option to play without the excessive swearing?"
Stop pulling shit out of your ass, there's no such option in the first Bad Company.

MaideninBlack3090d ago

It's common knowledge that all guys with big guns fighting aliens have to swear every 2 seconds to remain cool in the eyes of gamers.

/end sarcasm

COINTELPRO3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

True. When I buy an 18+ game I expect a lot of blood and swearing. Failure to comply with this means that I will promptly turn off the game and troll game-related message boards about it's failure to impress and how much of a flop it is.

Al Bundy3090d ago

This is good news. There was too much cussing in it. Killzone 3 is improved in every way.

kasasensei3090d ago

It was supposed to be war...

If you play KZ2 with a young child around, watching you stabbing, shooting et firing rocket in the face of others people, i dont think the problem comes from the game, or the language in it...

edhe3090d ago

Swearing is a way out of using good dialogue, it's a poor effort. Be glad that they're trying to up their writing ante instead of just throwing in expletives instead.

Less swearing = more need for real dialogue = more characterisation of the NPCs

Kleptic3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

um...edhe...Pulp Fiction would like to speak with you...swearing is NOT a way out of using good can make some scripts undeniably better if you're not a tight ass about it...but I see what you are killzone 2 it was out of was an issue that the overall script for killzone 2, and the voice actors, were not overly good...and the awkward swearing just further illustrated that...

Qui-Gon Jim3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

For a person speaking, I agree. For a writer trying to portray a character, I strongly disagree. It can be an effective way to impress upon the viewer the type of person that character is.

Rico swears a lot, but it helps to define that character for the viewer (eg. it fits his actions at the end of the game). If you see a character that speaks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, you get a sense of who that character is. If you see a character who speaks like English royalty, you get a sense of who that character is. If you see a character that speaks like "trailer-park trash" (I hate that term, but it gets the idea across), you get a sense of who that character is.

You may not agree with the swearing, and neither do I, actually, but that doesn't mean it's bad writing. Bad writing would be to make everyone talk and act like you do. That shows lack of characterization and imagination. Heck, I think that violence is a way out of using civility, does that mean thousands of books, movies, and video games are badly written because they have characters that use it?

If you were offended by the language, that's fine, I have no problem with that. I am actually a little happy that they're toning it down, too. But don't claim it as bad writing. It is bad speaking, but it's not bad writing.

Edit: I will say this: excessive swearing CAN be a symptom of bad writing, but it is not necessarily indicative of bad writing.

UnSelf3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

bubbles + qui gon

as an aspiring writer, i agree with ur wall of text wholeheartedly