Crysis 2 might have Dedicated Servers

Looks like with the multiplayer experience that every Crysis fan is expecting, Crytek has once again made another good move. Rumor has it that Crysis will be taking the easy route and will be using dedicated servers, unlike the buggy/laggy matchmaking system used in a popular FPS that was released last year.

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rawrockkillz3092d ago

It better have dedicated servers!

FlipMode3092d ago

Nothing I seen form this game interests me at all.

tweakedhuman3092d ago

the heck is going on?

crysis 1 had dedicated servers so why is crysis 2 a "might"

if this is talking about the crappy console version then why is this in the pc new section?

Pandamobile3091d ago

How the hell could you not have dedicated servers for a game like Crysis 2?

32 person matches on some of the biggest maps I've seen in a multiplayer game.

djsean3091d ago

It's funny how since MW2 stuffed up the dedicated servers support, gaming companies have now been using it as an advertisement module!