Why it's OK for games (and gamers) to be childish

"In the eyes of those who create and play them, the absolute worst thing you can accuse a game of isn’t the glorification of sex and violence, the killing-off of family bonds, the spread of illiteracy and obesity or any of the other stuff that tends to fill tabloid frontpages, but simply of being ‘childish’. Dropping that little bomb in the average forum is like hurling a bucket of pheromones over a pride of randy lions."

(Green Man Gaming)

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HairyArse3118d ago

It always makes me laugh when people discuss why we play games and they get all deep and pretentious and always forget the fundamental - BECAUSE IT'S FUN - bit.

dirigiblebill3118d ago

Fun-damental, even.


Apolloeye3118d ago

We all never really want to grow-up in some respects, having fun and playing games is part of that I suppose - I'm happy with that.

Edwin853118d ago

I think there's a difference between childish content and a childish game. Mario is a perfect example of that - the game itself is very sophisticated, but the narrative core is this fat mustached kid trying to save a princess.

Ult iMate3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Happiness and enjoyment - these are two things that I like in games most of all.
I like games that make me smile. Even with a childish look or adorable characters like Yoshi in SMG2. And I think it's harder for a game to make someone smile, than to keep someone with a serious look from the start to the final credits.
Even shooters can be funny. Like No One Lives Forever or Time Splitters Future Perfect.
As one man said: "Smile, gentlemen! All the most terrible things in the world were made with a serious look on a face".

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