Crackdown devs quit 'to make console games'

CVG: Ruffian devs "felt they weren't able to do that elsewhere"

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N4GAddict3063d ago

Consoles is where the moneys at

lelo2play3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Blizzard does not agree with you.
Valve does not agree with you.
Lots of developers making games for the Iphone and cellfones do not agree with you.

Yes there is money on console games... but there are other gaming markets to make money.

As for APB... i'm not sure about it. From the videos i saw, it didn't peek my interest.

SilverSlug3062d ago

2 acceptions to the rule. One is because they own a store and STILL do Console games.

Forbidden_Darkness3062d ago

Whoa what? Blizzard does console games? I'll go out right now and by it if i could only know what it was called?


webeblazing3062d ago

thanks got left back thwrice

webeblazing3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

yeah console the only platform to make money and dreams happen. cant make it here you cant make it nowhere

Spydr073062d ago

"dreams happen cant make here cant make you cant make it nowhere"

Awful. Just awful. Maybe it's a quote from Idiocricy or something. Meh, if English isn't your first language, then use babelfish or something. I'm sure it'd make more sense than what you just wrote.

sid4gamerfreak3062d ago

@tigersnake86: You forgot to put the sarcastic sign : /s

webeblazing3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

they didnt get the joke they killed ur fun

t8503062d ago

So why are Sony and Microsoft unable to post any decent profits, if consoles are where the money is?

Sony this year posted a loss of 850million usd. Overall losses bloating over 5billion usd. Yep consoles are where the losses are lol.

Micrsoft is yet to post a decent profit, Their previous losses are stll outstanding.

Overall console gaming sales have dropped year on year. 2010 is doing worse then 2009.

Mean while PC gaming sales have increased year on year. 2009 was at 13.1billion usd that higher then either PS3 or the Xbox 360.

Hotel_Moscow3062d ago

doesnt sony make money off games as well you would think the amount of software and games they sell would cover them right i think youre missing something

as well as youre a freaking dumbass for comparing sony to developers

it might not make money for sony but it sure as hell is making money for developers

t8503062d ago

U should check sonys financials before calling ppl a dumbass. You only make yourself look like an ass in doing so.

Sonys gaming division last year as a whole including software lost 850million usd.

Also which console deveoper is happy?

Ubisoft announced a loss of 50million usd for the last year
Capcom announced a loss as well cant recall the figure now
EA announced a loss at 650million usd.

If anything asides nintendo. blizzard and valve are the most profitable devs in the industry.

Hotel_Moscow3062d ago

no i called you a dumbass because youre comparing console maker to console developer which doesnt make sense just because the console maker isnt making money doesnt mean the console game maker isnt making money

Gamingisfornerds3062d ago

He's talking about Valve. Reading comprehension can be usefull at times, you know?!

He's replying to lelo2play and saying that Valve and Blizzard are the exceptions to the rule. ONE OF THEM (one of the two companies that are the exception to the rule), namely: VALVE ownes a store and STILL DEVELOPES GAMES FOR CONSOLES.

Is it really that hard to understand?

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LordMarius3062d ago

Crackdown devs quit 'to make trash games'


Tony P3062d ago

If that's what, that's what they want.

Kind of puts a damper on APB though.