LOL: Two cars 'crash' into UK magistrates court wall in Blur PR stunt

In order to celebrate the launch of Activisions new racing game called Blur, two cars artistically crashed through the walls of Old Street Magistrates Cort in London. The beautiful mural was created by a British artist in around 30 hours. Apparently the artwork drew inspiration from the advert for them that mixes fantasy with real life racing. The art-work has apparently been up since Wednesday at the court in the heart of East London.

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The Wood3065d ago

from where i live....

title is definitely misleading though

Davoh3065d ago

Haha that's awesome but no doubt lots of people will be confused as to what it's for

sjaakiejj3065d ago

It says "Blur" on the car's license plate. Hard to spot in the photo, but probably really easy when you actually see it in rl.

unrealgamer583065d ago

quick someone make a fail meme

GodsHand3065d ago

LOL, the alloy wheel missing from the 2nd picture, as someone elsed mentioned.

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