Dawn of War II Gold Edition Half Price on Steam

GamerZines: THQ are offering Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 and the expansion Chaos Rising for 50% less than the usual price on Steam.

UK gamers can get both games for £20 in the Gold Edition, which usually costs £39.99. American and European players can expect a similar price drop.

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chak_3066d ago

argh, bought it full price when CR came out, and couldn't play it because of bad company 2, too much time :D

I'll play it this summer I guess

Fred-G-Sanford3065d ago

I've been too busy playing Torchlight to find the time to play anything else.

That game (Torchlight) is awesome, and it is easily the best $10 I've spent in a very long time.

I bought a copy of Dragon Age: Origins last week, but I don't want to start playing it until I'm finished with Torchlight (which will probably be a year from now lol).

Spydiggity3066d ago

might just have to pick this up.

E46M33066d ago

At those prices its a steal. No excuse not to play it as a PC gamer.

Nihilism3066d ago

I bought a game called 'Worldshift' today because it looked dawn of war 2-ish...i should have spend the 12.50 on this, that game is uninstalled and will be in the bin shortly...

DOW2 was a great game

Faelan3066d ago

I sorta missed out on it back then for numerous various reasons and now I'm currently in a bit of a gaming slump. This will surely make life more interesting while waiting for Starcraft 2 et al.

Darkfocus3066d ago

dawn of war 2 actually isn't like starcraft it's squad based instead of a base building game like the first one.

Faelan3066d ago

I'm aware that the focus is slightly different. That's perfectly fine with me. I actually see that as a plus since it just might help keep things interesting and I love games where you can personalize your units.

I also managed to grab Majesty 2 on sale on Steam the other day (although barely been able to play due to a busy schedule) and it's like the polar opposite. All base building and no direct unit control from what I can see so far. So between the two of them, I should be covered depending on my mood :)