Exclusive: Swords and Soldiers making its way to Xbox Live Arcade, PSN

Ronimo Games’ WiiWare title Swords and Soldiers will be making its way to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, a reliable source told VGTribune. According to our source, an official announcement of the XBLA and PSN versions will be made at E3 along with the reveal of a new game aimed for the same platforms.

Stay tuned to VGTribune for more updates on Swords and Soldiers!

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SpoonyRedMage3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

It's a good game but I'm not sure if it'll will work with a normal pad(it didn't have CC support did it?), A move version could work but I dunno about the 360.

EDIT: In fact a PC/Steam version would make infinitely more sense.