Is Heavy Rain coming to PC?

Destructoid writes: Nvidia seems to think that Quantic Dream's latest interactive storytelling adventure isn't a PS3 exclusive. They have the title listed as one of the games "current and upcoming" which can take advantage of their video cards' PhysX GPU-acceleration features.

Of course, we can't say with any certainty whether or not Heavy Rain is going to be available for PCs, but it makes perfect sense to me. Adventure games might not be the craze they were when I was a kid, but there's still a market for them and a game that is as ambitious as Heavy Rain could very well find success there.

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Bereaver3067d ago

Well, honestly, I think it's just a mistake. But more power to them if it is.

I loved Heavy Rain.

Noctis Aftermath3067d ago

The PS3 GPU is Nvidia, maybe they are just advertising that heavy rain was made on a system that uses their GPU.

madmonkey03067d ago

thats what i figured it meant.

STK0263067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

While the PS3 does feature a nVidia GPU, it doesnt feature PhysX support.

Now, Im not saying HR is coming to PC or not, although I guess it would be nice for those who don<t own a PS3. It is after all a great game.

Also, if it were to come to PC, it would be nice to see just how good the game would look on the current generation GPUs and more RAM.

thor3067d ago

Must be that, because I doubt a Sony-published game (apart from SOE games) would go to PC.

ProjectVulcan3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

PS3 does have Physx capabilities. PS3 has a physx SDK, has for a while now. So does 360. The consoles still often use middleware physics engines, even though we might see physx as meaning only hardware GPU acceleration now, it still really counts if a console game uses nvidia's SDK. In this case, PS3 has its physx SDK optimised for use on CELL, not RSX. Plus that list is never kept up to date properly. Since when was haze on 360?

End of discussion? I think likely. Destructoid being bloody useless again.

karlowma3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

"If there was one thing Sony did right in regards to the PlayStation 3, it was to develop the console with a PC in mind. ...there's a definite certainty that it is more PC-like than its counterparts: the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360."


BlackKnight3067d ago


Both the consoles support Physx buy running it on their CPU, meaning in software which is slower. Nvidia cards 8 series and higher support Physx in hardware meaning it runs on the GPU which is much, much faster.

What STK026 said was the nvidia GPU in the PS3 (The RSX for those who know nothing but PR names) didn't support Physx, which is true. The RSX is a series 7 nvidia GPU. But both the 360 and PS3 run Physx through the CPU, not GPU.

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sinncross3067d ago

Must be a typo. Should say PS3 instead of PC.

In fact if it was coming to PC it would also have PS3 listed beside it(as many other games on that list seem to have)

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N4GAddict3067d ago

Didn't Sony funded the game?

wxer3067d ago

Sony owns the IP so no way

Blaze9293067d ago

got a link to back that up?

WLPowell3067d ago

You're on the interwebs, stop being a lazy fanboy. a quick trip to wiki clearly states the publisher is SCE...

fedex6823067d ago

so I dont believe we will see it on PC.

PAPERCHASER03963067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

When a PS3 game is also on pc it is referred to as not exclusive but when on xbox and pc journalist still call it exclusive... ?

DJKGBYF3067d ago

So did Halo, Halo 2, and Fable.

Davoh3067d ago

I wouldn't mind it seeing a PC release, imagine the madness of the quick time events, press Z, then !, then +, then ¬ and finish with L

champ213067d ago

LIke you cant use a DS3 on the PC ;-)

ProjectVulcan3067d ago

PS3 is Pc like, but it depends where you stand. The Cpu is of course nothing like your standard x86, 360's cpu might seem more conventional but it doesnt really relate much more to an X86 chip either- its still a PowerPC.

They probably refer more to the architecture of the machine as a whole- split memory, dedicated CPU bus to the system memory, seperated graphics memory to the GPU. RSX is a geforce 7, torn straight off nvidia's parts shelf. Standard hard drive, integrated wifi, bluetooth etc

Of course CELL sets the thing apart, and is long held up as the main reason PS3 is not simple to programme for.

ProjectVulcan3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I thought i made it pretty clear the distinction between GPU hardware acceleration and software engines on the consoles. Yes, the difference is obvious, but the fact of the matter is when it comes to the word physx, there is no real distinction. PS3 and 360, wii even use physx, just not the GPU hardware accelerated version as seen on nvidia's CUDA GPU's. Ps3 uses a special version that uses SPE performance likewise as hardware acceleration because of the similarities of CELL and a GPU, so its performance is superior to 360s which as you said runs as a software engine. (You seemed to miss the fact i already stated it did not run on Ps3's GPU)

This is why although incorrectly listing haze as being on 360, it still states 360 as a host platform for physx- which of course is an Ati powered machine.

The word Physx may now be linked in the minds of the masses to GPU acceleration, but nvidia dont use it exclusively to denote that. This entire article is based on the assumption that when nvidia talk physx, they only ever mean GPU acceleration, on PC. Clearly i exploded that myth.

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chak_3067d ago

I'm ok with that :p

But don't make that Nvidia only crap leaving poor ATI user with 15 fps.

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Theo11303067d ago

God I hate everyone that posts on stories, I HATE VIDEOGAMES BECAUSE OF YOU PEOPLE.