Here's how Walmart and GameStop plan to get your money

Two major retailers detailed plans today to boost video game sales at their respective stores. Walmart, the convenience giant, kicks it off with a new website sporting its own game reviews and exclusive content while GameStop bulks up downloadable content for its customer loyalty program.

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FantasyStar3065d ago

I personally think neither side has better incentives. Ebay is still the best place to get value on your used games/consoles and many game sites offer their own reviews that require no commitments. Bye Bye GameCenter. Now GameStop is simply beefing up the exclusive DLC stuff you alraedy get with pre-orders. I imagine it'll probably be along the lines of "Pre-order X game with your EDGE card and you'll get Y in-game item in addition with X pre-order item".

I still stand by it: The best "incentive" is a price drop(amazon) or getting the game before release-date (Newegg,