X360A Review: Red Dead Redemption

x360a Writes: "Taking a barren wasteland of dust and wannabe outlaws and turning it into an open-world action-adventure title on the same level as Rockstar’s other open-world titles is no easy feat. Red Dead Redemption is a Wild West adventure title like no other though. Granted, it did face the trials and tribulations in its development process that saw the game get a meaty delay and rumours of Rockstar San Diego’s staff being overworked and mistreated seep onto the internet. It can’t be easy to develop a game with all that going on, but thankfully the studio has managed to deliver an open-world title that sits very much upon a pedestal. In very much the same way that GTA III really gave the GTA franchise the kick start to gain momentum to what we know it as today, Red Dead Redemption has very likely just kicked off another franchise worthy of rivalling its other juggernaut. Well, nearly rivalling it."

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