Wii, Xbox 360 sales up on Ebay

Sales for Nintendo Co.'s Wii home video game system and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 console gained in the latest sales data from Ebay.

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bad edited...

PS3 stills in third position on ebay, but his sales had grown too, what comes in a misleading title, that only those two consoles have increased their sales.

In fact the PS3 sales had grown more than Wii and 360 (it's in your source, dont try to lead the new where YOU want) and this already have been posted.

Allix4200d ago

But the article already posted from the same source focused heavily on PS3 sales. I should have had the title about the sales "also up" on the other consoles. I wanted to post the article because I'm happier about all sales being up versus one single console, I shouldn't have assumed that people saw the "sister" article.

the greatest4200d ago

1 day ps3 is up
nextday 360
stop posting this bs

darkequitus4199d ago

All these Ebay + Amazon sales crap posts are pure Fanboy bait.

tplarkin74199d ago

Who cares about EBay or Amazon (or any one retailer) sales spikes? They mean nothing. You're only talking about a few hundred units at the most.

scarlett_rg4199d ago

The real news is that the average price of Wii system sales on ebay is $455+.

That's just sick for a $250 system!... and just goes to show how hard they still are to find in retail, and how badly people want them.

DirtyRat4199d ago

...and considering the severe lack of software out for the Wii, its surprising how people will pay that kind of money for something that will only entertain them for 5mins

uxo224199d ago

I honestly believe that nintendo is purposely holding back on hardware shipments to keep the market demand high. What the hell is taking so long to get these things out. The frickin' accessories are all over the place, but the consoles are not.

Same thing they did in the past.