A Conversation With Phil Harrison

The day after Sony's E3 Press Briefing, gameinformer got a chance to sit down with Phil Harrison, Sony's Computer Entertainment's President of World Wide Studios to catch up on a variety of topics. This candid conversation ranges from PSP 2.0, Home, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, exclusive games, Trophies, Unreal Engine, Killzone, and much more.

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GoLeafsGo5416d ago

He mentioned Warhawk...='(

It's not fair that the guys at the office get to play and we don't.

drtysouf215416d ago (Edited 5416d ago )

GI: Is Metal Gear Solid 4 still exclusive? Is that solidified and will never appear on the Xbox 360?

Harrison: Yes. We said it was an exclusive title.

This was a good interview though.

Darkiewonder5416d ago


Awesome stuff. I take this was before Playstation Premiere.

Lord Anubis5416d ago

it was.

based on the ecochrome demo I've been playing around is obvious they will allow for user generated levels. Although I'm a bit worry because I have not come up with anything really breath taking. Anywho, I'm certain they will have more features than the ones available in the demo.

GodofPeace5416d ago

Can people plz stop making MGS4 rumors now?

PS3Rebel5416d ago

but phil harrison is the DUDE! guy does his job great..keep up the good work phil

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The story is too old to be commented.