Marathon: Durandal (XBLA) Trailer

New trailer for the new XBLA game Durandal showing some multiplayer a long the way.

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BrainDrain5417d ago

I never played the original; don't really know about it. Definately will check it out when it hits live. 4 player coop could be fun.

nice_cuppa5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

i loved marathon....
i hope this online multiplayer works well.

Daxx5417d ago

I've played Marathon before, it was like Doom only you could tell it had that Bungie splender to it. This will be a must buy for me.

Farfromreality4135417d ago

Never played it. First thing I thought was hmm....would have to play it first, but then I saw the multiplayer and went, "This is what Doom was missing."

I will definitely check it out. Looks like a cheap but good time.

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