Epic Must Stay Exclusive For Xbox360 To Win This Generation Backlash Episode 3

Epic Games seems to be the true company still loyal to the Xbox Brand, and with the new arrival of Gears 3 early next year Microsoft may have to dig even deeper into their pockets to keep Epic on board as well.

Microsoft in the battle of HD Consoles still have the lead but that lead is fading fast, with the lost of bungie exclusivity the HALO brand at this point could be in jeporady which isn’t good at all.

The Gears franchise is Microsofts bread and butter but will gears still be an exclusive considering Microsoft doesn’t own that IP?

Check Out The New Episode Of Backlash Below The Discussions Get Really Deep

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xc7x3067d ago

err Unreal Tournament was on PS3,a game made by is it Epic is exclusive totally to 360? oh Gears..ok :-/

nix3067d ago

yeah.. like totally!

wxer3067d ago

EPIC got 3 game this gen GeOW,UT,BS
2 of them are on the PS3 i wont be surprised if GeOW is heading to the PS3

wicko3067d ago

Bullet Storm is primarily developed by People can fly, and Epic is helping out.

But yea, the engine is multiplatform and Epic does have a PS3 title. HHG needs to stop making up bullshit to remain relevant this generation.

Joni-Ice3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Its not about Epic being exclusive to 360. Its about who helped Microsoft this generation, Epic or Bungie. Its in response to the last article posted. Stop commenting on articles you didnt read or in this case listen.

ramon_v3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )


if it's not about Epic being exclusive to 360, as you say... then why is the title "Epic Must Stay Exclusive For Xbox360"

i can see why people comment on these type of stories when they don't read the full one (i just did), it's because they see the contributor/source is HHG (or GamesThirst etc) and already know it's going to be lite on the facts and heavy on the half truths and flame bait titles.

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Inside_out3067d ago

Epic is a multi platform company...I believe there is a handshake deal with M$ for Gears 1-2...not sure about Gears 3...cliff recently said there were only suppose to be 2....Hmmmm...It will sell well on 360 regardless...12 million and counting for 1 and 2...if it went Multi it would sell twice as new IP this gen...

36T3067d ago

Keep thinking Wxer. Just like ME2, right? Gears of War 3 will stay exclusive to the 360.

wxer3067d ago

which well come to the PS3
just you watch
or should i remind you of all the multiplats tht used to be XBOX exclusives ??

vhero3067d ago

So gears will win the war for 360??? That's the dumbest thing I ever heard! It's a great game don't get me wrong it was the reason I bought my first 360 all those years ago but it's no longer a console seller and it wont win the war for MS.

ChozenWoan3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

laughed so hard just at the title that I hurt myself... now that I see who this article is by I think I'm going to need stitches.

So GeoW is all MS needs to combat KZ3, R3, GT5, Socom4, LBP2, DCUO, Free Realms, Parasite Eve, and only KB knows what else Sony has in the pipeline. Not including 3D gaming, PSMove, PSN Premium, and the PS3 slims market demand. Sure HHG, and let me guess, next week you'll have an vidicle about how Sony will win only if Mass Effect goes multiplatform.

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KILLERAPP3067d ago

360 has only gears 3 left in their contract, after that Epic will make every game for both the PS3 and 360 there stupid to lose money..

Cueil3067d ago

Epic will then renagociate on much better terms... Microsoft has made these guys very very wealthy

kaos_fish II3067d ago

Pfftt - Epic were already mega wealthy a long time before MS dumped cash in their lap for GeOWs..

Cueil3067d ago

The owner was weather but those who worked under him were not... the bonuses from Gears 1 and 2 sales made everyone there a ton of money

vhero3067d ago

Actually they only had 2 gears games in the contract that's why there was a lot of talk about Gears 3 being muliti platform.

Sez 3067d ago

Do you have any links backing up your claim that epic only had a contract for only two gears games. Or are you quoting patcher as your source.

Cueil3067d ago

If only you would have let me in on the show you wouldn't have all this misinformation in there :-p I thought it was entertaining regardless though

Nike3067d ago

Well, I agree that it's a discussion, deep down, and it'd be wrong to call a discussion "Fake". However, HHG tries to pass off his opinions as facts, without anything to back it up. He uses Bungie going multiplatform as a basis for thinking Gears 3 is all MS has to fall back on. Why not Fable 3 or Crackdown 2? He may be trying to open a discussion but pronounces verdicts - flop sided verdicts, at that - on one too many issues. A discussion should be an exchange of ideas - and feature more than just one person standing in front of the screen, jabbering away to glory.

Also, his whole stance on Bungie is complete and utter misinformation. I still don't understand his reasoning for the Halo brand being in trouble. Did MS really lose Bungie? They never had Bungie to begin with - and Bungie's deal with Activision has nothing to do with them not working on any more Halo titles (for the next 10 years, at least). It's simply that they've gotten tired of it, and rightly so, since they've spent the better part of the last decade on it.

I wouldn't call fake on a discussion but when it's propaganda like this, there will always be many "opinions" and "thoughts" that can be defeated with real world facts.

madkrazygames3067d ago

I thought Gears 3 was Epic last game for Xbox 360?

Pootangpie3067d ago

spinoff and non canon games are different those are allowed to go to PS3 but does it really matter PS3 fanboys hate gears anyway the same way they hate halo

Colonel-Killzone3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Um no they don't. Epic Clearly stated they own Gears and they can do whatever they want with it. Microsoft has no say in where GEOW is going whether its Pc Ps3 or the 360. That decision is up to epic not microsoft. And not all Ps3 owners hate gears I like the the gears of wars series. Played it before its a fun game.

EDIT: @madkrazygames

Sure there is nothing wrong with that. If thats Microsoft strategy to stay ahead of sony and if its working thats good for them. Honestly though I don't believe any PS3 owner will buy a 360 for a bunch of time DLC which we will get eventually. Then again the world is filled with idiots so then again I can't doubt that some will lmfao. Actually mate 3rd party developers depended on sony lol. Sony sold over 120mil Ps2 while xbox only had 20mil. So of course sony had 3rd party exclusive there was no reason to go the the xbox when you had a console with over 120mil units worldwide. Last generation there was not really a war because sony basically NUKED nintendo and xbox they had no competition at all.

52pickup3067d ago

Colonel-Killzone is right.

I've heard this "MS has first refusal over GEow and Bungie games" stuff before,and it's all pulled out of X-bots asses. MS don't have first refusal over anything,so seriously I wish insecure fanboys would stop making stuff up.

36T3067d ago

Gears 3 is Epic's last game in the series. Not the last game they make for the 360.

Colonel-Killzone3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

LMAO. I don't think they need to stay exclusive for MS to stay ahead of Sony. As much as I love the gears of wars universe it will not persuade me to buy a 360. Sorry but i don't buy hardware that fails. But i will admit if gears was to ever come to the ps3 which I highly doubt I'm all for it ^_^. Although I will say MS depends a LOT on 3rd party exclusives this generation lol. Matter fact they depend on 3rd parties in general for everything this gen.

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madkrazygames3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

It's true what you said bro, but in reality there is nothing wrong with MS depending on third party developers this generation. Sony did it with the PS2, so it's really not that big of a deal. The only difference between the PS2 and Xbox 360 is that Sony starting picking up first party studios during the PS2 era. MS on the other hand would rather pay these third party developers huge amounts of cash for "timed exclusive" DLC.


Good point, how can any developer ignore a console that has sold 120 million worldwide

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