PS3 vs. Xbox 360 vs. Wii: The Current Breakdown

The battle for your free time is well underway -- here's how the fight between the three major consoles is playing out.

Skip to page 3 for complete "Get it", "Forget It", "Exclusives" and "Final Verdict" rundown of 3 next-gen consoles.

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Tsalagi5426d ago

This will cause a flame war of epic proportions. Do we really need another one on the site?

ReconHope5426d ago

yep, this is what feeds the

Tsalagi5426d ago

Would whomever disagreed with me and the guy above me care to explain why you did so?

ReconHope5426d ago

all the time. they should make mandatory comments to explain disagrees or tell you who disagrees with you because some ppl just dont have the guts.

Tsalagi5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Maybe then my troll (i feel special, i am relatively new to the site and i get my own stalker) who seems to follow me around disagreeing with me would have to man up and explain himself.

eclipsegryph5426d ago


While I am also curious about that disagree, do those 'agree' and 'disagree's even count for anything on this site? I mean, I thought they were there just for a simple "I think you're right", "I think you're wrong" decision, without actually commenting about it.

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bung tickler5426d ago

seemed pretty balanced. but there will be flames... red hot fanboy flames...

Dr Pepper5426d ago

It was pretty well balanced, but it didn't really tell us info that we haven't known for a while.

Bloodmask5426d ago

This part is interesting though.

"But which console should you buy? If you positively must be playing right now, the choice is really between the Wii and Xbox 360."

Swatjr1015426d ago

Uh what you talking about vbox sucks!

razer5426d ago

Sorry for me it's 360 and PS3. I just can't get into the Wii and I've tried.

But I have been thinking about getting a DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.