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They began as simple entertainment devices for uber-nerd hobbyists—remember the Atari 2600? Since then, gaming has ballooned into a mainstream, multi-billion dollar industry featuring graphical powerhouses like the Sony PlayStation 3, which can render millions of polygons per second. Systems have come and gone in meanwhile, and I thought it would be worth taking a look back to rank the all-time greatest.

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eggbert3065d ago

people are going to go ape-shit over the author's opinions pretty soon.

SOAD3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

I'm not going to go ape-shit, but I do think the author has a very poor list and a very poor opinion.

I mean, just look at number 10. The Apple Iphone is not a viable gaming platform in my opinion. Every game on the Iphone has terrible controls and low resolution. In terms of what Iphone brings new to the table for gaming, it doesn't bring anything. Mobile platforms with far better emphasis on gaming exist as the Nintendo DS and the PSP. I just don't see the merits of the Iphone has a gaming system.

Also, a lot of these platforms are put on here to appeal to the nostalgia of gamers. Obviously, for the sake of nostalgia some people will say that the Sega Genesis deserves to be on that list, but just ask yourselves what the hell does the Sega Genesis have over the PS2.

It's blasphemous that the PS2 isn't on this list.

And now onto the fact that they included the Xbox 360 at number 3, and nowhere on the list is PS3. There's not even an honorable mention.

The Xbox 360 is a good console and it has given gamers achievements and has pushed for more online community but the PS3 has done this as well.

Maybe Sony was a little late to the online gaming scene, but they surely have worked just as hard as Microsoft in providing a great service with PSN. Look at MAG. The amount of players in one game is amazing for a console.

Also, as far as the online experience goes, at this point PSN and XBL are on par, so the list maker's reasons for putting the 360 on there while not including the PS3 are kind of moot now.

HolyOrangeCows3065d ago

To be fair about people "going apeshit" (Way to over exaggerate), he DID include the Iphone, and not the Ps2.

And, I'm sorry, but people need to get over Dreamcast. It had some good games, but ultimately, there are reasons that it didn't last long.

Fine, he can have an opinion, but I can call it silly if I please.

Aquanox3065d ago

No PS3 on sight... this will not end well =)

I guess it's because of the poor multiplatform support.

Wrathman3065d ago

how about all you droids stop bitching and justify why the ps2 and ps3 should be on the list

madmonkey03065d ago

because they are 2 of the top 3 fastest selling consoles ever, the other being the wii, they both had the best games and best reliablity in thier generations. and they both brought new tech to the scene, (dvd/blu ray)

adram3065d ago

ps2, has the best game library of all-time.

who agree ??

WinterWolf3065d ago

The PS2 was one of the best selling console of all time with the longest support of any other console in the industry. The PS2 sold over 140 million units, continues to sell, and has a game library of over 1800 games. It helped establish the DVD format and had many of the best games of the decade (FFX, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, MGS 2: Sons of Liberty, GTA III, Gran Turismo 3). Games any real gamer would recognize.

The PS3 helped establish the Blu-Ray format. It was the first console to have full 1080p High Definition games and had HDMI 1.3 standard since its release. It has some of the best quality hardware and reliability of the consoles released this generation. Not to mention the online PSN community is growing way faster than XBox Live ever did thanks to free online, Home, and games like LBP which have allowed for millions of user-generated content unlike XBox gamers have ever seen. The fact that it is the most multimedia function rich console ever made, with built in Blu-Ray drive, built in Wi-Fi, DLNA media streaming, Netflix, Huge PSN video store, DivX certified, and upscaling DVD capabilities is also noteworthy.

tinybigman3065d ago

but that's the worst list ive ever seen. im sorry i click on the link.

ZBlacktt3065d ago

Sometimes nothing needs to be said at all. You seen it just like we all did. Just laugh and move along to better opinioned type stories. So what he does did include the best selling console in gamining history. But added the highest failrate one. No biggie, lol.

Information Minister3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

There you have it boys... Official proof that the iPhone >>>> PS2./s

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soxfan20053065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

I don't think the iPhone qualifies as a "game console". Game consoles play games firstly - the iPhone is a phone/portable internet device that ALSO plays games.

PC Engine was an inspired choice since it had little success outside Japan. I discovered it via emulation, and it really could have gone neck and neck with SNES & Genesis in the U.S. if it was marketed better. Despite technically being an 8-bit system with a 16-bit graphics chip, PC Engine really had some stellar games. PC Engine is a perfect example of why a console needs U.S. success to be considered a sucess overall. Japan is not enough.

The rest of the list will cause the usual arguments. PS2 should have been there. I can relate to NES being number one - it did resurrect a dying hobby. Neo-Geo is an extremely hardcore console with a rabid cult following - I can understand it's inclusion if the author is an SNK fan from the mid 90's.

djfullshred3065d ago

Neither Iphone or Gameboy are consoles. They are handhelds. A game console is a device dedicated only to playing on TV.

RaymondM3065d ago

I'll disagree with the ipod making top 10 of ALL TIME. But he is on the money with Dreamcast. Truly a great system for fighters and adventure games. And the online capability was ahead of its time.

I think the 360 was a little high, but it does deserve to be on the list since its online service is top notch.

Other than that-I dug it man.

Colonel-Killzone3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

PS2 should have been on the list WTF ??? Honestly last generation there were so many amazing games for the PS2. It brought so many amazing franchises last generation wow.

Information Minister3065d ago

I wouldn't go that far, but there's definitely something wrong when you tout DLC as a key positive feature of any system.

ikral3065d ago

PS2 is number one. This article is written by staelth fanboy, he actually wanted to praise x360, by dumping PS2, PS3 out and putting PS on 6th place. Jerk.

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