Fable 2 E3 2007 Combat Demonstration

Peter Molyneux demonstrates the combat system in his upcoming epic action-RPG, and be to sure to check out for the stunning Laura Foy and glowing Tina Wood. HD video after at source.

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hotshot12375422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

but i never played the first one but i heard it was pretty good. so maybe im wrong
actually it does with the sword fights

Dr Pepper5422d ago

While it may seem similar to AC, it is more similar to Fable 1 (which I thought was a great game). You can only have so much variety in sword fighting before it seems to resemble something else (in games).

chitown5422d ago

r u retarded bro??? that looks nothing like assassins creed. lol jk fable 2 is gonna be one sick game. i hope they make it longer than the last one though

neogeo5422d ago

Honestly! why buy a 360 when every single game is going to be on PC???
and my PC does not have any red rings of disappointment.
and don't tell me you need a thousand dollar PC because my $400 dollar PC runs circles around 360.