IGN Vixen Goes Topless For Charity

IGN's Jessica Chobot recently went topless for charity, allowing a Sony artist to do a mold of her chest and then giving the cast a "God of War" paint job.

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dizzleK3092d ago

i made a cast of the boner jessica chobot gives me. i gave it to an artist to decorate as the loz master sword.

Forbidden_Darkness3092d ago

I hear he had to upscale it by 10 times the size though ;)

badz1493092d ago

more like 5 I guess! but I don't mind, she's kinda hot IMO, and Jade Raymond too!

MGRogue20173092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Doesn't Vixen also mean an ill-tempered or spiteful woman..?


MNicholas3092d ago

They made a body mold but then, rather than casting a life-like replica of her body from the mold then painting the replica, they simply painted the outside of the mold itself.

Why would they do such a thing?

Denethor_II3092d ago

They obviously never went to art college like us connoisseurs old bean.

MNicholas3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Rather depressing. Although I didn't go to art college, I did take a few art/sculpture classes. Lovely thing to do.

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GodsHand3092d ago

LOL, did you do the pose for Don Falmingo at the end of the aritcle?

Sexius Maximus3091d ago

I'm surprised you don't have more "agrees"'s both true, and funny.

PS360PCROCKS3092d ago

LMAO!!! That's the thing I love about this site sometimes the neutral stories can have some hilarious comments. This site on neutral stories is like a bunch of guys drinkin beers crackin one liners. Oh man haha too funny

Leio3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

I clicked the link for charity i thought i saw something about topless :/

Abash3091d ago

Just seeing Jessica Chobot's beautiful face gets me turned on

sid4gamerfreak3091d ago

No! im late to the party, i guess..

Is it a coincidence that this article hits the front page?

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Kors3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Yeah, very lucky artist.

8thnightvolley3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

yup she has a nice coke bottle body feel(thou my gf is hotter doesnt mean i cant lust on another), give me 24 hr with her and she will never forget what my 3rd leg would do.

FiftyFourPointTwo3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )



birchoff3092d ago

Not appropriate @ work though.