Mass Effect Exclusive Extended Trailer & Q&A

Project lead Casey Hudson joins BioWare's good Drs. Muzyka and Zeschuk to talk all things Mass Effect. Don't miss the exclusive, expanded E3 trailer right here.

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MK_Red5422d ago

I liked the E3 trailer but this extended one is really sick and much more engaging. Cant wait for this game, after the recent Conversation and Galaxy videos, this trailer makes it even harder to wait.

nasim5422d ago

after seeing LAIR and HS this looks like a mere cartoon game

Xi5422d ago

Killzone 2 looks last gen.


Yes, an Incredible lineup of games in the next 4 1/2 months, but when Mass Effect comes out, all my other games will be collecting dust.

A November 2 Remember. What a great time 2B a Gamer !

EDIT: Also, if you are a Mass Effect fan, go download the HD trailer off Gamespot if you really want 2B impressed:

Mass Effect Gameplay Movie 1 will blow your sox off in HD !

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kewlkat0075422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

Now...Besides the graphics, you usually want a game like this to have a great Story/Purpose. I'm more curious about the story, besides the graphics. Sometimes that's what matters most to me. This story seems "epic". similar feel to like, Starwars.

I mean FFVII didn't have the greatest graphics but man, did I like the story. Poor Ariel..

On a side note, I need to purchase my Samsung 1080P tv, I take paypal , if anybody wants to chip in. hehe

ben hates you5422d ago

don't do it, go for a sharp Aqous they are so much better

kewlkat0075422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

as well as, I've been to Best Buys and Circuit City.

Samsung LNT4065F 40" 1080p LCD HDTV

Samsung LNT4665F 46" 1080p LCD HDTV

Price grabber


Sharp LC-46D62U

Samsung LN-T4661F

Sony KDL-40XBR2

I read in the Av forum, them Sony's have this back-panel light issue, I'm staying way from. In the store ,I looked at all the Models and The Samsungs looked the best to me, so I can't imagine when it's in my room. Still undecided on the 40-46 incher though.

I have a "Black" PSP, DS, Xbox Elite/Black Falcon soon, as well as PS3 will match this set perfectly.

XI - haha..Yes Aeris, WTF was I thinking, I think little mermaid and Kingdom Hearts..haha

jp 1175422d ago

i said it before ill say it agin there is some sick games comeing out this fall for both consoles.

Bloodmask5422d ago

Killer graphics and an even more compelling story line it seems.

I haven't been this excited about a game in a long time.

Bioware you've done it again.

Game of the Year.

MyNutsYourChin5422d ago

I'm not sure if the music score in this video is any comparison to the actual game's score but if it is then all I can say is wow.

the_round_peg5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

Bioware has never not won a "Best of the Year" award since it made Baldur's Gate a decade ago. Microsoft has really hit the jackpot by getting Bioware to make one Xbox exclusive after another for Xbox.

Bioware is one of the main reasons to get Xbox 360.

the_round_peg5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

"Has never NOT won" = "Has ALWAYS won"

Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate II
Neverwinter Nights
Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic
Jade Empire

Every single game Bioware has released in the past 10 years has won a loong list of multiple awards.

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