StarCraft II Impressions

GameDaily previews StarCraft II:
" StarCraft II focuses on taking older units and improving on them, and in doing so, emphasizes the union between the High Templar and the Dark Templar. As a result, some of the Protoss units will take on a darker look in comparison to the first game. The Tempest is the new take on the original carrier ship, but trimmed with darker colors than the gold original. What makes the Tempest unique is the fact that, despite being an air unit, it has no defense against aerial attacks. Instead, it has very heavy shields protecting its underside, making it practically invulnerable to ground attacks while it deploys its swarm of fighters. One of the practical improvements Blizzard will be making to all its units will be a auto-build feature, so that players have the option to set units that have to rebuild its ammunition (like the Tempest's fighters) automatically, significantly cutting down on the amount of clicking needed to maintain an army."

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Rythrine4108d ago

I need to upgrade my PC now for this and Crysis. Starcraft:Brood War was the best RTS I've ever played.

MK_Red4108d ago

I dont have enough saving for both PC upgrade and another next-gen console but this is a must have since StarCraft is my all time fave RTS so I may end up getting a cheap new VGA for my computer and use the rest for console. Hopefully SC2 wont require too much.
I cant wait to know more about the story and two other races (Zerg and Terran).