Sneak peak at Umbrella Chronicles using the Wii Zapper

Get ready for some dodgy acting, as this Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles features two quite over the top actors using the new 'Wii Zapper' peripheral. Looks pretty awkward to handle if you ask us. The Zapper we mean, not the actors…

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sumfood4u5422d ago

I hope this gun doesn't hit the tv screen an get tv time like there Wii~motes did.

Fezthebest5422d ago

omg those actors are soooo funny to watch, esp the guy his expressions are soooo fake, he stinks tooo, the girl is much better

Dragonopolis5422d ago

Makes the Video seem unnatural.

Ebay3rd5422d ago

Well the video was wack but the gun will be at my house , reminds me of house of the dead on Dreamcast, hours of fun...