Super Mario Galaxy E3 Preview

Shigeru Miyamoto devoted his portion of Nintendo's E3 game developers round table to reminding people that the master isn't just focused on Wii Fit...and he's not losing his touch, either!

Miyamoto-san conducted a quick run through of Super Mario Galaxy, and the game, which Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime called the "true successor to Mario 64," looks amazing.

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Bloodmask5427d ago

is gonna prove that the Wii can pump out great graphics. Even the Cube could and Wii is more powerful.

I loved Sunshine, but even I have been waiting for a true successot to Mario64. Can't wait.

ItsDubC5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

The Smash Bros series isn't known for great graphics in my opinion but looking at the Smash Bros website, the graphics for SSBB are starting to look better than SMG in many respects. MP3 is also supposed to showcase some nice visuals. I'm eagerly anticipating all of these games.

Skynetone5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

yes i do live in a dream world

i was hoping the wii was going to crash and burn so i could play nintendo games on a next-gen machine, i think they could make so much more money by going multi platform instead of worrying about hardware / r&d / etc

im sure if nintendo did the maths they could make more money,i know it didnt work out for sega but sega just fell completely apart

and yes they could still release a magic wand controller on another concole

daveman35427d ago

i would really like to play this game, it'll definitely be better than i thought it would be, i might get a wii if a lot more games like this come out

Double-Edged5427d ago

Christmas 07 (which is all 360)

my money will go to a Wii, and buy Mii a copy of SmashBros And Galaxy..

Then.. I will buy a PS3 when it goes on clearance again. MGS4 baby!

BrotherNick5426d ago

I like all the platforms really...I only have the wii though, and I will play my cousin's ps3, and my other cousin's xbox360 when halo 3 comes out . I play the wii more...shooting people imo is best played on a pc, unless it's halo, I hate halo and halo 2 pc. -_-