Silicon Knights: Epic Sabotaged Us

Silicon Knights was kind enough to send along both their formal press release concerning their suit against Epic and the actual suit itself.

According to the suit, which seems more than $75,000, Epic Games misrepresented the abilities of their Unreal Engine 3 when selling the license agreement to Silicon Knights. The suit says that Epic failed to "provide a working game engine" to Silicon causing them to "experience considerable losses."

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Mucudadada5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Too Human is going to suck!

Edit: I don't see how Epic could have sabotaged them. The article does not make sense. To me it seems like lazy devs who have no idea how to run the hardware. I mean, really, did anyone have high-hopes for this game after the awful reviews the demo at last years E3 got? Oh and power of Green, spell "hole" right next time. It might make you sound more intelligent.

Lyberator5426d ago

I hope this doesn't cause a delay.

Vojkan5426d ago

I agree, there is a lot of RAGE in that doesn't sounds good. Anyhow they sound like donkeys! Unreal Engine has to be the most used engine for 360/PS3 games and funny thing is that they are the only studio that has been "sabotaged" out of some many studios that use UE3.

power of Green 5426d ago

Did you read the hole news post?. Click on the link and try it!, ITS FUN!!!.

ShiftyLookingCow5426d ago

if what Silicon Knights is saying is true, then both PS3 and 360 are affected.

nextgengaming185426d ago

Will be delayed forever. I don't see this game coming out before 2009 now.

HowarthsNJ5426d ago

Two games that come to mind are Fatal Inertia and Coded Arms. I'm sure there are others.

Sony is working with Epic on this right now.

darkside5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

I was really looking forward to this game!!!! but in the end It's going to suck donkey balls

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computer5426d ago

I hope they settle this soon =(

Maddens Raiders5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )


btw - Silicon Knights is fuct. Sorry guys.

power of Green 5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Xbox 360 Tag: - NONE
PS3 Tag: - uberXan86
Mii Tag (Wii): - NONE


EDIT: below LOL...

Wouldn't it be easier to just leave it despite what console you're playing?, so when the heavy hitters come out for the 360 you'll repost your gamer tag?. I don't really care i just think some of you people lie!!!!!!...

ShiftyLookingCow5426d ago

alright I haven't been playing much 360 recently thats why I removed it, its the same uberXan86

TheXgamerLive5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Too Human, if anyone saw the E3 demo, was incredible, so I have faith in SK that they will rise above it all and sell 3 million copies easily.

Anf for those that don't read the post, the game is looking great and is already running on Silicone Knights own engine. They began work on there own 2 months after Epic failed to supply them with the UE3 updates that they were supposed to give, but no prob., Too Human is looking easily like a 10 out of 10.

EDIT: SK stated they already have there own engine running, and will delete all UE3 code as soon as game is finished, I think this will sit very well w/the courts considering they havent been given proper support as promissed, In other words, there will NO starting over on this game.

nextgengaming185426d ago

Refuse to license them the unreal engine 3 now. It is going to restart their whole development on a different engine.

hazeblaze5426d ago

The game still looks pretty sucky to me! I was hoping that was b/c of their UE3 problems... but if the most recent vids our on their new engine then there's just no hope for this game :-(

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