Rockstar court controversy again in Red Dead Redemption

Guardian writes: "There are few better ways to boost awareness of a major game release than to generate some sort of media controversy around the title. Mortal Kombat probably didn't need such gory fatalities. Carmageddon probably didn't need quite that much blood. Last Autumn's Modern Warfare 2 certainly could have managed without the preposterous and unnecessary 'No Russian' airport mission."

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josh143993433d ago

if people dont like something dont buy it. if you dont buy it you never have to witness the things that offend you.

rroded3433d ago

in other news today

Jack Arnott story failed on n4g

not only is it an opinion piece but one no one cares about...

redDevil873433d ago

Guardian is a newspaper not a blogger

sixaxis3433d ago

im still blown away by how this game ends, definetly one of the best endings.

MGRogue20173433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

I will always buy every game made by Rockstar Games!

Every single game they release to this world is a priceless gem :)

Christopher3433d ago

All of this talk about 'didn't need this or that' is kind of annoying from an artistic perspective.

- Did Da Vinci need to represent male genitalia in his Vitruvian Man?
- Did Coppola need to show a life-like horse head in Woltz's bed?
- Did Burgess need to be descriptive with the drug use and violent acts described in A Clockwork Orange?

Whether someone thinks something is overboard or not, there is no clear identification of should or should not when it comes to art. I don't question a person's desire to present their work in one way or another, I only use my own opinion of the manner in which it is used to either continue playing/watching/reading what they've created.

ThanatosDMC3433d ago

I'm offended by those balls... time to sue!

kanetheking3433d ago

it had a good story and the end was epic.but cos ppl want to find a quick way to get money and say there 'offend' i say bullocks sell the game then stfu end of.

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The story is too old to be commented.