Shedding Light on Alan Wake's Mysteries

resumeplay writes: "Confused about the ending of Alan Wake? Are the mysteries of Bright Falls still gnawing at you? Well, you're not alone. After beating the game, I went hunting for answers, and thanks to a fictional librarian named Clay Steward, I found them."

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NYShotgun063069d ago

This cleared all the confusion I had with the game. Should of bought the collectors edition.

SKGamer3069d ago

There was a ton of good stuff in the Collector's Edition book, the Files. Maybe they'll make the contents available online sometime, or make the book available for purchasing.

For now, articles like this should explain what's in the book that relates to the game's unanswered questions.

Imperator3069d ago

This article is great. I was left extremely confused by Alan Wake's ending, but this really clears things up. Now that I get what happened better, I can appreciate it much more.

Ziriux3069d ago

Alan wake is amazing.

Bagogames3069d ago

The concept, setting, themes and story behind it are all fantastic. The taken, using the light to burn the darkness out of them to make them vulnerable, it's all really great and the story was challenging to follow but it's a mystery, it's supposed to be.

The gameplay was, despite being manageable, a bit naff in my opinion. The dodging and clunky movements hampered it for me.

kissmeimgreek3069d ago

sure it was kinda repetitve but it was fun. the boss battles were pretty bad though considering all you had to do was hold the light on the machine for like an hour... should have done better with thoat.

My only big problem with AW is the repetetive environments. I got tired running around (gorgeous) forests forever. The part in the town really stood out as good and AW2 could use more variety.

blodulv3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

My only gripe is I think that they should have split the 6 episodes into 12. Often times I would find myself getting a little impatient towards the end of the finish line for each chapter.

I took my time though and went after all of the collectibles and such.

kissmeimgreek3069d ago

if they make a second one instead of a tv series, id make it more like shorter chapters and be morelike a book coming to life. The tv show was ok but didnt like each episode ending and they seemed to long.

giovonni3069d ago

The concept art work, lighting, and over all concept of the game was excellent. I liked how they even broke the game up into epiosdes... Last time on Alan Wake. The only issue I had was the controls the dodging was cumbersome at best other then that I loved it

smashly3069d ago

This will be my next purchase definitely.

kissmeimgreek3069d ago

totally worth it. cant wait to start my next playthrough :).

Ziriux3069d ago

Why can't people just let it go and enjoy the game for what it is, no matte what the ending was like.

ClownBelt3069d ago

WTF are you talking about? No one's even bashing the game, yet here you are preaching like a saint.

SKGamer3069d ago

It's a mysterious game, the devs WANT us to all think about it, wonder about it, and most importantly talk about it. That's why they left some things unsolved.

And to anyone who's doing just that, trying to puzzle out some of the mysteries, the Alan Wake Files are really helpful, which is what this article analyzes.

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